November 27, 2009 at 6:42 am (Uncategorized)

just so everyone knows, i am so done with this blog. i don’t know, i have no loyalty or attachment really to my blogs, which is why i think i can abandon it so easily in favour of starting a new one.

however, xanga is broken right now, and i need to write for a bit before going back to stats because otherwise, i’ll lose my mind.

i feel like the sunshiney weather is mocking me. it’s such a perfect day for a pickinicking, and bubble blowing, and water balloon fights, or in fact, its perfect for being lazy in bed with a good book.
instead, i am slaving away at stats. and to shake things up a little, keep it exciting you know – i switch to bio or literature.
: ( dislike. really, truly and madly dislike.

yesterday on the way to the big bad wolf sale (mildly interesting selection but the 5000 people or so present was such a put off), we pinky promised, fingers interlocked, and a shared secret.

it took me back to another pinky promise.
on our backs atop an old white datsun, our facial features indistinguishable in the twilight, we made promises. never forever and always though, because we both knew it was impossible, but important promises nonetheless.
i remember your ugly camo jacket, that smelled exactly like you, and how it used to just hang off me. your 6 foot 2 frame was after all the best fit.
i remember coffee, and the way we drank it indiscrimanately, whenever and wherever we felt like it.
i’m still like that. are you too?
i remember deserted roads, and midnight pizza, and never worrying because you took care of everything, including me.
i remember the last hug, and the last words, and how the first time i talked about them to someone else, it stung.

i miss you all of a sudden. i miss how dorky you were, and how i could never be serious around you. i miss how easy things used to be, back when i was sunshine and you were The Man.

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October 13, 2009 at 4:32 pm (college, coversations)

i have a new camera! hence my renewed interest in blogging! i am so excited!
it’s a lovely silver contraption, named ‘iris’. i spent the better part of last night figuring out all its functions. i think it’s my favourite camera so far.

SAM_3876lit got cancelled, and so i resolved to use the extra time to revise math, because we all know how much i love math.


 instead, i spent the entire three hours puzzling over crossword puzzles. the new york times puzzles are so cryptic! i knew the answer to ‘cher’s former singing partner’ though.
i feel vaguely accomplished.

paying very close attention in math, because we love math. i cannot seem to stress this enough.

there is this ongoing joke about sna and her ‘snexy snalsa’. this is only encouraged by her mexican man face, as shown in the picture above. i was very tempted to photoshop a moustache and a sombrero onto this picture, but i am tired, and i’m sure you can all envision it anyways.

i am slowly getting used to spanish tuesdays and thursdays. granted i could go home during the three hour breaks, but staying back is just so much more productive. not only do i get a ton of studying done, but i make odd discoveries. like this library table which i have christened the ‘inspiration table’:

i especially like the one on the bottom right that reads, ‘do not GO through life, but GROW through life’.

spanish is so much fun. harder, but more fun. ladis is constantly interjecting, “hablamos espanol!” every ten minutes or so, and we’re always going off on tangent about all things spain related. like how the colour green in spain has sex connotations, kinda like our blue movies. except green movies over there aren’t porn; they’re erotica.
and then we got into a debate on whether or not a funeral was a celebration, with some arguing that it was a celebration of life. ladis sagely concluded saying, “well, some people should be dead, no?”

i love spanish classes, even though because of it, i come home late, exhausted, and starving.

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October 9, 2009 at 7:20 am (books)

sometimes, you don’t realise how much you’ve truly missed a person until he’s sitting right next to you, and you’re both watching lizards chase each other  on the opposite wall.

. . .

i have not lost my drive to blog. just been insanely busy with a plethora of events; raya, followed by camp (which was a success btdubs!) last week, law quiz today and my sat subject tests tomorrow! 
will get back to mugging in a bit, just needed a 5 minute break.

yesterday, we went to the penguin and pearson book sale, and now i am destitute, but happy.
i picked up roald dahl’s ‘going solo’, john green’s ‘an abundance of katherines’ ( i LOVE this book and i really just wanted a copy of my own), gabriel garcia marquez’s collected stories, and rudyard kipling’s ‘just so stories’.
so far, i’ve started on kipling, and his short stories are amazing. i’ve always liked ‘jungle book’, but his short stories are the best. they’re just so amusing, and intelligent. i’m only halfway through, but right now my favourite would be ‘how the leopard got his spots’.

will do a camp post as soon as all my tests are over, because it really does deserve a nice long post.

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September 17, 2009 at 2:59 pm (afs)

pictures from afs buka puasa at singgahsana hotel yesterday.

it has been an insanely good week.

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September 12, 2009 at 5:42 pm (music)

give yourself a treat, and listen to this.

or even better, go on youtube and watch the actual music video, which is genius. i can’t post that video because the embed code has been disabled, but really, go look it up. there are very few songs i fall in love with upon first listen.
this is one of them.

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September 10, 2009 at 4:51 pm (personal)

as we jostle each other playfully, trying to all fit into the camera lens, i sober up at the thought of how our smiling faces will be permanently frozen in that moment forever in a folder in my computer, but that one by one, the faces will slowly disappear from my life – as soon as next week, in fact.

i have discovered that if you tell yourself something often enough, you actually start to believe it. and so, i happily pretended that the two people closest to me were not leaving anytime soon.
but, they are.
and i cannot pretend to not feel anything about this anymore.

today, as we all sat around the table, drinking coffee, laughing, taking stupid pictures; i realised that all the things we did together, as a group, all the things i took for granted, we will not be doing anymore.

everyone’s leaving, and i feel so alone.

i will miss you. and you. and us.

my heart hurts.

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September 8, 2009 at 3:36 pm (college, mlia, music)

today in lit class, i felt like the man (which is purely just a figure of speech. i don’t actually feel like a man. what does being a man feel like anyways? stupid? I JOKE)
but ok, we were discussing a poem, by hayden carruth, i think, and somehow we got sidetracked and ended up discussing the ability to raise only one eyebrow.

yes, exactly like that. except i don’t follow that up with an obnoxious “DO YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING?”

and it turns out thatttttt i can do this. and raise my eyebrow i did, just so everyone could see. and fall to their knees in awe.

oh, you can run a 5 minute mile, swallow flaming swords and pull a rabbit out of your sunhat?
well, that’s impressive, but can you raise just one eyebrow?
yeah, i didn’t think so. now, that’s skill.

lovedrunk came out today!

i really, really am enjoying it. ok, bear in mind though, that i had the privilege of witnessing martin johnson explaining each and every song, and to know the reasoning behind a song, especially when the reasoning is given by the artist himself, is very…intimate. so, in a weird way, i feel almost bonded to this album. does that make sense?
sentimentality aside though, the tracks are actually pretty good. not brilliant, or breathtaking, but good. my favourite so far is ‘someone like you’ and ‘two is better than one’ feat. taylor swift. martin’s voice is so appropriate for ballad-y songs, i feel.
have you heard their cover of ‘let go’?


thanks to mlia, i have developed a new hobby – talking to cleverbot.
cleverbot promises many a cheap thrills, especially if you are a fan of meaningless, unrelated conversations.

oh, and because i like to pretend that i don’t have an insane amount of studying to do, i googled ‘strange holidays’ to see what happens on my birthday, and it turns out that my birthday is both ‘fun at work’ day (which i will have to wait a while to actually celebrate) and ‘inane answering message day’, which is totally up my alley.
i am going to have fun with this – i don’t know how yet – but i will.
also, my birthday week is ‘national take back your time week’. huh.
and my birthday month, is among many things, ‘national be on purpose month’, ‘national hot tea month’, ‘national soup month’ and ‘international change your stars month’.
question – how does one go about changing one’s stars?


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September 7, 2009 at 3:41 pm (books, college, mlia, movies)

busy with college, and uni apps, and scholarship apps, and afs. i am seriously considering doing a weekly blog post, and now that i have typed that out, i’ll probably be blogging everyday, just because i’m contradictory like that.

it’s september. already. isn’t that insane? and i know, i am aware, of how ridiculous i sound when i say that, but doesn’t anyone else get the feeling that time is moving just that teensy bit faster? i was watching a video on youtube the other day, where the video was sped up for comedic effect, and that’s exactly how i feel my life is right now, except the effect isn’t so much comedic, as it is stressful and tiring.

but i have good friends, and a fridge full of red bull. i can handle this.

did you enjoy this movie as much as i did? i was so happy after watching this movie, and that dum dee dum feeling lasted all the way through inane bio practical. now, thats what i call a powerful source of happy.

favouritest character. i think dug had some of the best lines in the show, and my absolute favourite part is when carl opens the door, and dug says, ‘i was hiding under the porch because i love you.’
i think i melted into a puddle of aww.

good, good movie. a good pick me up when you’re bogged down by college stress.

also, i read:

its a pretty awesome book. i actually watched the movie a while back (didn’t realise that it was based on a book. how lame of me) and the book and the movie actually differed a little. i didn’t like that stanley in the movie (played by shiathemotherlover) was not a fat kid. i thought that part was pretty integral to the storyline. zero, however, i approved off.


and now it’s back to stats. my life is soooooo exciting.

OH WAIT, WAIT! i wanted to start doing this.

yesterday, my mother and i were arguing about who would get the smallest piece of chicken. while she was making her point, i popped it into my mouth. i win. MLIA.

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August 30, 2009 at 6:43 pm (Uncategorized)

i am currently listening to ‘upendi’, originally sung by rafiki in the lion king 2: simba’s pride. god, i love this song. kovu and kiara were so cute together. did anyone else’s heart break when kovu was exiled? because mine certainly did. oh, and yes, i do have the entire soundtrack of the lon king 2 – and the lion king 1 – on my ipod. it was actually kinda surreal earlier; one moment, the red hot chilli peppers were singing ‘fight like a brave, don’t be a slave,’ and then suddenly, ‘we are one’ came on.

ok, so it’s 2.30 in the morning, and i cannot sleep. instead, i cleaned my room, downed a silver red bull (DO NOT JUDGE ME) and did laundry. i attribute my non-sleepiness to the nap i had earlier, and i use the term ‘nap’ loosely, because the definition of nap is a brief snooze and i don’t really know whether 3 hours falls under the ‘brief’ category.

since i can’t sleep, i shall plan the rest of my day. a hair appointment is in order, provided they are open, which i was supposed to check earlier, but i forgot. anyways, hair appointment, and then maybe a movie with clem. or maybe hair appointment and then back home to complete my pending reading list. i have…six, no, seven books i’ve yet to finish reading. this partly excites me, and partly tires me. so much to do. so much to do! the former was said in a tired tone, and the latter in an excited tone, to reflect my dual feelings.

i just reread that and realised that it made no sense, but i’m too lazy to backspace.

i think i should attempt to attempt to sleep once more.

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August 30, 2009 at 4:10 pm (deep, holidays)

being sick is lame, especially today, where i could have done a million other things, and stayed out late seeing as how tomorrow is a holiday. generally, i hate sundays, and all i do on sundays is grumble about how much i hate sundays because monday is the next day and that means 8 a.m math class, and who’s excited about that? but monday is merdeka, and so tomorrow is a holiday, but i am sick, so none of this is significant anymore.
in fact, the only joyful thing i can think off is that i have new studded sandals, which are so awesome and comfy, and i like them so much i wore them to sleep. psyche! well, actually, i did wear them to sleep, but i accidentally kicked myself awake, and so i grumpily took them off to avoid a repetition of the act.

random question of the day (which i have never done before, and will probably never do again): what “fashion” can you not stand on a boy?

for me, its:

i think that hairbands on boys – any boy – is a completely unflattering look. actually, let me be honest, it’s ugly and stupid. i suspect i feel this way because i don’t like boys with long hair anyways, but still, i do not know any boy, hot or not, who looks good in a hairband.
and is it me, or does wearing a hairband make all these guys’ hair look greasy?
a fine example (and i do mean finee) is fernando torres.
fernando torres is incredibly good looking.



foto442hf0not (props for matching the kid’s hairstyle,though)


fernando_torres16NOT. really, really not.

and so, based on photographic evidence, i think we can all conclude that i have a valid point.

and just to show that torres isn’t the only one who looks ridiculous in a hairband, i present to you:


but, sans hairband:

david-beckham-shows-his-new-angelic-tattoo_49yum. makes you want a double serving. yes, i did totally just say that.

ok, so this post is less about making a fashion stand, and more about justifying me surfing the net for pictures of hot footballers.

what? don’t judge me. remember?

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