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i have never been berrated for not being a racist. never. not until today.  i went to damansara old town to sort out my dog’s license at mbpj. the guy at the counter look alarmingly blank, not that i blame him. i’m sure i’d look blank too if my job was approving dog licences. not that i’m mocking him or anything. i am grateful to man because well, now my dog is legal for another year. yay.
i went back to this awesome parking lot i snagged by the car park, only to find that some dickhead had parked in front of my car, thus blocking me. there was a valet parking sign on his dashboard, which left me relieved. all i had to do was find the parking attendent and boom, i could leave.  there were two parking attendents nearby, one malay, one indian, and a traffic police. i walked over, excused myself and asked if any of them knew who i had to go to to remove my car. the malay guy shook his head and the traffic police suggested i go over to the station and make an enquiry. which i did. half an hour later, i stomped back to my car, hugely irritated because nothing could be done.  
that’s when i saw the indian parking attendent along with a chinese man standing by my car. he asked me if i found the guy. i said no. he dispatched the chinese man to get the guy, who apparently was at a mamak nearby. that’s right. the indian man knew all along who could remove the car.
he turned on me suddenly and demanded to know why i hadn’t approached him personally. yeah, but oh wait, it gets better. this is how the convo went:

why you never ask me?
i did! i walked over and –
NO. you are indian right?
are you indian?
yeah, but –
so that means you should ask me. indian talk to indian. why you never come talk to me personally?
err, i’m –
where you from?
where you from?
but you are indian right. next time, don’t do stupid things like this. indian talk to indian.

i wanted to reason with him, point out that it should not matter that i hadn’t addressed him personally, that once he knew what i needed, he should have just helped me. but how do you reason with a cretin? i let it go. i was furious, but i let it go. the dickhead showed up after a ten minute interval and moved the car. i walked over to the indian racist bigot, and because my mother raised me right, i thanked the asshole and drove off.
i have never encountered such ignorance ever. i wanted to tell him that a) all my closest friends are chinese, b) i speak more chinese than i do tamil and c) i don’t fucking care about races. but like i said, how do you reason with an idiot?
i was furious. i still am angry. malaysia is a multiracial country people.  grow the hell up and ditch the superior race attitude. it didn’t work for hitler, it’s not gonna work for you. idiot. i hope you somehow impale yourself on the judas cradle.


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