and we can breathe again

January 14, 2009 at 12:02 pm (Uncategorized) ()

was talking to mi familia americana today. btw, skype is amazing. everyone go get it. my host dad in particular, loooves skype. now all his jokes at my expense are visually enhanced. first, while i was chatting with hannah, he walked past with a towel wrapped around his head, which was my method of hair drying that he mercilessly mocked. then, he walked past with a big bowl of my favourite chocolate chip brownie flavoured ice cream. finally, he marched over and stuck a picture of this boy we all detested in my face, wanting to know if i missed him. yeah, that’s my host dad. i miss him something awful. also, they’re sending me a box of lucky charms, my favouritest cereal in the world. this makes me exceedingly happy.
and hannah told everyone my new year’s story. everyone. my british literature teacher included. she sent me a message about it. the rep i’m making for myself worries me. cimg1782


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