i ain’t no queen of hearts

January 15, 2009 at 1:36 pm (Uncategorized) ()

i finally watched:

yeah, i know. way to catch up with the rest of the human race.
i didn’t absolutely hate the movie, which is you know, more than i can say for most books that have been adapted into movies. i didn’t absolutely love it either, which is basically how i felt about the book. reading it was just meeh for me.
i’ll say this though, bella is not as annoying. hannah and i were talking about how we absolutely hated her in the books. she was just this whiny little brat who’s thoughts could be broken down to : a) i LOVE edward and b) i LOVE LOVE LOVE edward. yeah, it got annoying after a while. it would have been cool if she had other normal humanistic thoughts like do i look fat, or is my dress nice, something, anything, that was not edward based.
she was kinda cool in the movie though.
edward started out looking like he was involved in a bad talcum powder accident, but eventually, he started to look more believable, or at least, less meth junkie like.
i’m not gonna slam the cheesy lines, because, well, i leave that to stephanie meyer’s concscience.
overall, everyone should watch it just because everyone else has and not watching it will get you kicked out of the human race.

oh, and i stumbled upon this and decided it was too good not to share.

1. Cullenism 33 up, 22 downlove ithate it
A newly formed religion based around the Cullen family from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series.

Headed by Carlisle Cullen, it consists of Jasper and Rosalie Hale, Edward, Esme, Emmett and Alice Cullen.

It has a large following and includes many worship songs, stories and general prayers.

Worship Song of Cullenism:

“Carlisle is awesome, Esme is cool, Alice and Jasper totally rule, our love to Emmett and Rosalie and Edward too for eternity.”

2. cullenism 20 up, 16 downlove ithate it
a religion of people who are in love with edward cullen. edward cullen is a vampire in the book series twilight.
Girl 1: What religion are you?
Girl 2: Cullenism.
Girl 1: Oh cool me too!
Girl 2: Isnt he the hottest thing you
have ever seen!?
Girl 1: YES!
3. cullenism 27 up, 6 downlove ithate it
A new religion based off the sappy Mormon-written Twilight series. It has no tax exempt status, very few members, a prayer ripped off from the Lord’s Prayer, and the majority of the congregation are virginal girls (not of the hot kind, either).

Basically, cullenism is basically the Church Of Scientology except, would you believe it – their members are far more insane, you have to replace aliens with “sexeh vampires OMG TEAM EDWARD YAAAY!” and instead of being founded by a failure of a science-fiction writer, it’s based off the masturbation fodder of a Mormon homemaker.

Girl 1: What religion do you believe in?
Girl 1: God, that is retarded.

Hello people. It was kind of suggested this class have a new teacher so… here I am! I’m going to start with some basics the basics I should say of Cullenism (in case you are new or are wondering).

Cullenism is the religion that we (die hard) Twilight fans are a part of, like any other religion, we have certain days we celebrate, prayers we say, and traditions we carry out. For instance, we have Holy Mondays, this is a tradition we carry out every Monday, we wear red and black, light a candle at six (if you can) say the Holy Monday prayer and read a part out of Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse (many people just read from where they are or read an important part out of one of the books, sometimes there are scriptures telling us which part to read).

Other special days we celebrate are significant days to the characters specifically or to an occurance in the books. (ie. Edward leaving Bella, or Edward and Bella first meeting). Some days are more significant than others, so not all days that something happens on will be celebrated.

Hopefully that’s a good overview on what Cullenism is, whether this is a refresher or a completely new thing to you!

i’m not making this up. it’s too far gone, even for me.
i’m actually a little scared of these people.

and and and, i got two stitches in my head.


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