all i want is you to shade me and be my leaves

January 16, 2009 at 5:08 pm (Uncategorized) ()

there was this one episode of one tree hill, i don’t quite remember what happened, but lucas said something about how happiness comes in many forms and one of these would be in the company of close friends. almost every week i tell everyone how much i love my friends. it must be pretty boring reading about my awesome friends, but i do it because, well, i’m thankful. i’m thankful to have such amazing people in my life. and yeah, that’s as sappy as i’m getting today.

alyssa came over in the afternoon and after blog hopping for a while, we got take away starbucks and settled on the swings to talk.
dinner was pizza and wine, which sounds bizarre, but tasted good.

we actually managed to eat at dessert bar this time. the meet up time was 8.30, but of course, we got there an hour later. my argument is that we are completely malaysian, hence our lack of punctuality is justified.
we got lost on the way to hartamas and was briefly in kepong.
dessert was pretty good. everyone was jealous of my awesome belgian chocolate shake.
leconte told us a dirty duck joke. i feel…soiled.
and then he did the most ah beng version of a vampire that i have ever seen. it was horrifying.

back home now, very tired, having the most ridiculous convo with toh.

cheryl says:


nope. we all know im going for rooney and his amazing skills

.it doesn’t matter how far you fall says:


.it doesn’t matter how far you fall says:

please la

.it doesn’t matter how far you fall says:

what do u see in shrek that makes u attracted to him?

cheryl says:


cheryl says:

his amazing football skills

cheryl says:

he’s got one hell of a…left leg

cheryl says:


.it doesn’t matter how far you fall says:


.it doesn’t matter how far you fall says:

he’s right footed




  1. Aly said,

    thankful for me. the awesome and amazing.
    heheeehehe. 🙂

    right back at ya!

  2. jeff said,

    how could u say that rooney is left-footed?

    did u get that from yahoo or google? xD

    • insomniahenceinsanity said,

      ZOMG i know. haha. defo yahoo, cause you know, yahoo is cooler.

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