i think you and i should stay the same

January 19, 2009 at 2:02 pm (Uncategorized) ()

someone once told me i was an accident just waiting to happen. i think this was in connection with my unbelievable clumsiness. i remember being slightly offended and resentful when he told me that. now, i think he might have had a point. today, while stretching, my right ring finger got entangled with the ceiling fan. at first, there was just a dark line across my finger, and it hurt like a motherfisher, and then suddenly, globs of blood just started spilling out. it was not pretty. first stitches, now this. i expect to at least get run over in the next couple of weeks. that would be the natural progression no?

anyways, i’ve been quite happily distracted today with….the partial draft of midnight sun. midnight sun for the clueless, is twilight all over again, but from edward’s point of view. honestly, i wasn’t too excited about it because well, the only reason i finished the entire twilight series was because i cannot not finish reading a series once i’ve started. midnight sun was good though. i mean, not award winning stuff, but i actually wanted to keep on reading it. whenever i read twilight, i was always like bella’s such an idiot, why does edward like her? then i read the 12 chapters of midnight sun, and i actually sorta see where he’s coming from. i hope stephanie meyer finishes this book, because it actually is starting to look waaaay better than the others.

am now going to watch:

it finally finished downloading.



  1. jeff said,

    omg cheryl.
    mona lisa is awesome! =D

  2. cheryl said,

    haha. i know!
    it’s on repeat right now.

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