where is the love

January 25, 2009 at 12:25 pm (Uncategorized)

planning is tedious shit. the madre unwisely told me to plan my own birthday dinner, but when she saw my list comprising some ten bottles of champagne and ice cream from dairy queen (which btw, is in the states), she decided that maybe she would undertake the task herself. which was my plan anyways. i can’t be organized to save my life. so spent the whole days going on go sees to various delis/restaurants to find something good.
madre thinks i have dementia because while driving, i saw a rather large dog and wondered out loud why there was a goat on the road. swear to god, it looked very goat-like. really.
had the strangest dream last night. i was chilling in a suite with bob marley. he looked extremely stoned and told me to ‘find the music within my soul which might not necessarily be music’, then he gave me a high five. while i tried to come up with an equally philosophical comeback, kurt cobain walked in with a jug of beer. he told me to ‘die for yourself and no one else’, and then he gave me a high five. as i was trying to figure out what exactly was his point, jeff buckley walked in with a guitar and said ‘cheryl, cheryl cheryl (sidenote: WHY DOES JEFF BUCKLEY KNOW MY NAME?) where is the love?’ and then he too, gave me a high five. yeah, i don’t know what it is with these dead musicians giving me high fives. also, why is jeff buckley quoting the black eyed peas? where was i – oh yeah, so then i sat down and started laughing. i laughed so hard, i tipped over and fell. and then i woke up. you’re very welcome to make what you want of this dream. i’m confused.


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