i’m flying without wings

January 26, 2009 at 5:24 am (Uncategorized)

this is probably going to get me mocked, but i don’t care.
watched a westlife tv special earlier, and enjoyed it.
i remember being 8, and idolizing westlife. seriously, i was a total fan girl. i even had pictures of them in my wallet.

nearly ten years ( and numerous rock/metal/punk music influences) later,  i still know the words to all their hits.
makes me sad though that bryan’s gone. he was my favourite member. and, is it me, or does nicky look like barney from how i met your mother? kinda.
now listening to their greatest hits on replay.
yeah, i’m cool.



  1. Aly said,

    im on your side. westlife all the way!!! 😉

  2. andrea said,

    Totally agree with you 🙂 been a Westlife fan since they started (yup, it has been a while), and just can’t get enough of them. Love all their songs (well, i’m not really a big fan of the allow us to be frank), and i was devastated when Brian left… 😦 he was also my fave, and miss his madness and craziness…. but above all, miss his great voice on the band, especially on songs like tonight, miss you nights, unbreakable…. wish he gets back some day…

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