but would they write a song for you

January 31, 2009 at 12:16 pm (Uncategorized)

‘i love him but i’m not in love with him.’

i told her that, and i meant it. kinda.

i’m not over you. not completely. but i don’t expect to be anytime soon. what i felt for you, it was real. every little bit of it. i loved you. i loved you in the i-will-ignore-your-every-bad-habit-because-it-doesn’t-matter kinda way. but i am done with deluding myself into thinking there is hope for us. and i am letting go. i’m letting go of hope for us, because well, there is none.

it’s hard though. i have to fight my feelings everytime i see you. sometimes, you make it easy. you’re an occasional dickhead, and when i see flashes of that, i can’t remember what i saw in you in the first place. problem is, more often than not, you are good to me. and that boy is the one that makes me stutter and forget all my reasonings.

what helps though, is that, i know you. and i know me. and i know that you and me together, apart from there just no being a chance, we would never work. we’re both too volatile, too prideful, we’re too much like each other. we would mess each other up. and i can see that.

i love you. i always will. you can screw me over a dozen times, and i will still love you. but i’m working on not being in love with you. that, i think i have hope of acheiving.


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