it’s a love story, just say yes

February 1, 2009 at 4:08 pm (Uncategorized)

yeah alyssa, the title’s for you.

somehow, my birthday turned out to be a three day festivity. muchas gratias to everyone who was involved in making my 19th easily the best birthday so far. i love you guys long time.

today i hung out with my number ones, who surprised me with cake (this is good because the lack of birthday cake had me disgruntled. i had doughnuts, brownies and cupcakes but not cake) also, i’m 25 ringgit richer. cheers to blackjack.
sorry i had to bail. i think mi madre has disassociation issues.

god, i’m exhausted.





  1. Leconte said,

    weeeeeeeeeee, we rock! dum de dum. give me post password!

  2. Sarah Ong said,

    Hey hey boobies!!

    Nice to hear you had an awesome party & woah Clem’s hairstyle is awesome. I shall disturb him. So when are you coming rock climbing with us? Don’t worry this time you won’t fall. I’ll make sure. =D

  3. insomniahenceinsanity said,

    leconte – yes we do. again, thanks for the cake! like, really. this is me ebing sincere.

    sarah – i know right. he walked in and we all stoned at him. lol. soon soon. need to recover from the trauma that was the last experience.

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