February 2, 2009 at 1:31 pm (Uncategorized)

belated pictures. these are for the girls.



i woke up this morning to find the leftover half of my birthday cake furthur reduced to a quarter. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CAKE??!??
turns out mum gave it away to some bugger neighbour kid who came over. my mother feels this unexplainable need to feed every human being below 13 who walks into our house.  i don’t know why.
i have been snacking on mandarin oranges all day. those mini ones. the kind where you can pop like 10 in your mouth and still have room to fit in a cookie, or 5.
and then my mummy cooked me lap cheong for dinner. and that made me happy.
i’m sure everyone cares about food and it’s connection to my happiness.

went in for my tat consult today, twas good. there will be a looooong post when i am inked. which will happen soon. this week. yes.
i was going to show my design, but then there’d be no mystery.
so it’s adios until i am branded (not like a cow, thanks)


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