and our daddies used to joke about the two of us

February 4, 2009 at 4:00 pm (Uncategorized)

i keep telling myself to make a life list, you know, the bucket list style, but i haven’t gotten around to it. yet. but there’s defo one thing i can check off my list and thats:


i got inked. on my leg. yes, that is my leg. someone asked if that was my arm. i fail to see how it, in any way, looks like an arm.
people, sheesh.
i was going to go into detail about the process, but i’m dead tired, and also, i’m pretty sure no one cares.

dropped charlie back home (yay charlie – to not getting lost) and then went of for alyssa’s jamboree at pick and brew. i will resort to stealing pictures from her (because there are 1,456,234 pictures of me on her camera) when she uploads them. if you’re wondering why the sudden lack of pictures, no i am not a reformed camwhore-er. my awesome camera’s busted and i’m stuck with my antique 2005 one which operates on double a batteries.

food was good, though portions were huge and i was left feeling mildly nauseated. we gambled some more and i am forced to admit that we are all developing a habit. but i am ten ringgit richer, therefore i am unbothered.

wow, i am tired. good night.



  1. Leconte said,

    omg! dont u think we should meet up just to gamble???! regardless of whether its chinese new year or not? omg, yes we shall.

  2. aly said,

    geeee… mr hardcore gambler. lol.
    after stella tmrw lah. sit at starbucks.
    or mamak, incase not enough money. tsk.

  3. Leconte said,

    ahahaha, you bringing cards is it? weeeeeee

  4. insomniahenceinsanity said,

    see, told you guys we’re developing a habit!
    they’re gonna send us to rehab.

  5. Leconte said,

    they try to make us go to rehab but we say NO NO NO!!!

    might as well make the full use of the 15 days of CNY, yes?

  6. Aly said,

    yes yes yes šŸ˜€

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