it’s murder on the dancefloor

February 8, 2009 at 2:34 pm (Uncategorized)

today, i was talking to hannah about friends and friendships, and outgrowing them. it’s strange when you think about it, how at a certain time, you and this person are like best friends. the bestest. you practically can read each others mind. two years later, you guys are stranger. i guess it’s part of growing up, everyone grows up, and sometimes, unfortunately, you outgrow each other.
i recently lost a friendship that spanned easily 10 years. someone accused me of not fighting hard enough for it. i replied that it wasn’t worth fighting for. i wasn’t being mean, i was being honest. i’d rather be aquaintances than fake friends.
went out with alyssa for lunch at our new hotspot. i refuse to advertise because we’re hoping the rest of the world will not figure out our secret location, therefore leaving it free for us to invade at any given time. we even became members. yeah, commitment. you can tell we’re serious.
we sat there for what was it, 4 hours maybe? and i enjoyed every minute of it. of course we had a road adventure (because what story is complete without at least one road adventure right) but it was good. oh, and i’m stil fuming over my imposter milky way. gah.
took a trip down memory lane, to the not so pleasant parts. it’s not so painful anymore, looking back.
au, when did we stop taking pictures?



  1. aly said,

    since we MATURED and decided that camwhoring isnt cool anymore.
    haha. and conversation is way cooler…tsk

  2. Leconte said,

    what? comwhoring is cool. ok. now we havta find someone with a DSLR camera. more canggih type. how come none of us takes up this hobby?

  3. aly said,

    well, maybe because we dont do the taking pictures. we do the posing? 😉

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