you’re the pill i never wanted to take

February 17, 2009 at 3:16 pm (Uncategorized)

i’ve been rather quiet for a while i know.
two days ago, my dog collapsed on the road during our daily walk, and couldn’t walk home. i had to carry him home. i was scared. more scared than i’d admit to anyone.
yesterday, i took him to the vet. i was terrified of him developing heartworm. heartworm kills. i couldn’t lose another dog to it. not again. the last time, it took 4 years to heal. i’ve only had monte for 6 months, but he’s already very much nestled in my heart. i don’t know how to explain how much i love dogs, particularly this dog, but i was terrified of losing him.
he does not have heartworm. thank you god.
he does have a weakened heart though, so no strenuous exercise, which i’m sure monte is pleased with because lying around doing nothing and getting as dirty as possible is his hobby.
i’m still a little shaken. but my doggy’s gonna be ok. i can breathe again.

today, charlie, wen an and i went for the class rep meeting. because we’re you know, responsible. or attempting to be.
what a waste of our lives. the meeting had nothing to do with us. i don’t even know why they requested we show up.
i’m rethinking this whole being responsible thing because it does not seem to have very much benefits.
and of course, it had to rain. heavily. so we trudged to the shell station to wait for charlie’s mum.
we had ice cream in the rain – my idea.
am in the midst of planning ‘fit fridays’, which is our grand plan every friday to play badminton/squash/tennis/bowl/swim/gym. depending on our mood.
i am highly excited about our attempt to be healthy.


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