and i don’t know why but with you i’d dance

February 22, 2009 at 1:13 pm (Uncategorized)

i’m still tired from saturday, been sneaking in naps whenever i can really.
spanish was hilarious, because well, i was stupid.
charlie: ¿quieres pizza? (do you want a pizza)
me: no, gracias, no fumo. (no thanks, i don’t smoke)

afterwards, rushed to winsor tower in hartamas for the sasa bbq.
it was so hot! so when i found out wei keen and natalie were going grocery shopping in hartamas shopping centre, i immediately tagged along.
i love air conditioning. love love love.
the bbq was fun. met the new sasaians, decided who was interesting etc, did some mild mocking, made mean jokes with joshua and wei keen. i swear i’m not actually mean. people just make it easy sometimes.

left close to ten when toh picked me up to go to hong’s party.
i like hong’s uncle. as soon as we arrived, he excitedly pointed out food and gave us beer. there’s potential for a long lasting friendship right there.
sat around laughing and playing cards with this giant sized deck leconte gave hong in accordance with the festivities. mainly though, we sat around gossiping, because that’s what we do best. met new people, well ok more like 3 people, but still.
oh, and at one point, jun yow found my heels that i stashed in my tote and they were passed around for all the boys to try on. keith, they looked good on you. the rest of you, stick to your adidas la hah.

left at midnight, dropped people off, and reached home at 1 something.
tres exhausted.



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