February 24, 2009 at 1:59 pm (Uncategorized)

ok, did the god of fertility go rampant in february?

happy birthday (yet another one) to tan chin hong (who will never be just another person to me)

i don’t do elaborate shoutouts. not usually. but i break all my norms for you.
because in form 1, i mercilessly bugged you.
because in form 3, you made me laugh all the time and tolerated my rubbish.
because in form 5, you were one of the very few people i trusted.

mcr woi.
and my mum likes you. yeah. plus points.

thank you for never letting me down. and for being my go to guy.

i’ve been sitting in this sort of half slouch all day which optimises my writing speed (so i think) , a useful advantage in law, except i now have a sore back.
this is me whining.
i cannot stress this enough. if you want to join the a-voice, send in your resumes. yes, i’m talking to you a54, don’t widen your eyes in mock shock.
there is chocolate orange flavoured yogurt in the fridge and it’s really not half as bad as i expected it to.
law mocks in a week. law mocks in a week. law mocks in a week.
i notice i have this unexplainable habit of typing certain words/phrases thrice. i tend to do this in speech as well. i don’t know why.
ok, my time limit for doing nothing useful is all used up now.


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