March 3, 2009 at 1:14 pm (Uncategorized)

i have been neglecting this blog a bit, haven’t i?
i’m sorry (not sure to who really, but i am) but life is a tad hectic at the moment. it’s already march, and exams are in may. lets be dramatic and say…that’s about 2 months. 2. 60 days. not that i’m panicked or anything. not me. cool as a cucumber i am. what a stupid saying.

i’m doing research for lit, which is kinda hard when i only have a haphazard idea of what i’m looking for. it’s frustrating because i don’t know if i’m on the right path or not, and i am fighting the urge to call up someone – anyone – preferably a lit student to cross reference and see if i’m making any sense. but i can’t. this whole let’s not share our ideas to maintain individuality in our work sucks. not that i’m complaining. this is me, not complaining.

law mocks was ok. worth staying up till the wee hours reading for. though i couldn’t really recall all the details of specific performance.

charlie and i used up our very last buy 1 free 1 san francisco coupon today, and we went out with a bang drinking extreme buzz. it was highly caffeinated, as the name suggests, not that this helped us any during math. i swear that class is designed to bore me to death. or drive me to insanity. whichever comes first.

i’m very excited because how i met your mother is back, thus giving me a reason to live once again.
why the fuck has one tree hill been gone so long? i need my weekly dose of brilliant lines and tear-jerker scenes.
i’m sorry jit yang tung because i made you burn me gossip girl for my birthday and i still haven’t watched it. but then again, you didn’t wrap it with a red bow like i told you to, so in retrospect, i’m not sorry.

i’ve been carrying my lit lecturer’s ipanemas in my bag all day because my flip flops failed me yesterday, and she kindly lent me hers. i was going to give them back but i forgot. i’m documenting this so that should she stumble across this blog, she will read about my intentions, and not care that she does not have her flops back yet.
actually, i’m pretty sure she has better things to think about than her lit student/editor not returning her flops. like her lit students and their coursework. i wonder if she’s worried. i’m worried.

am now studying stem cells in bio and i find them fascinating. i really do. nyu and columbia both offer human biology. nyu has a brilliant speech pathology program. so does the university of canterbury in new zealand. i’m doing my research. i’m trying to plan my life. i just wish i didn’t change my mind so often.


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  1. joanna from ss7!! said,

    hi cheryl!!! found your blog! and just wanted to let you know…0ne tree hill shows on 8 tv at 10.30 on sundays! =)

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