March 13, 2009 at 4:37 pm (Uncategorized)

am quite exhausted. it’s bee such a long day. good, but long.
results came out today, and yes, bio is a retake. i got an a for math. i almost died from shock.
had the first a-voice meeting, and though its early days, i am pretty pleased with my team. one thing for sure is that they’re not mute, and that’s fine by me. noise/chatter i can handle, its the silent ones that confuse me.
came home and managed to slip in a half an hour nap before waking up to go watch charlie and jit perform at the talent show.
they were amazing.
they didn’t win, which is completely outrageous. someone slept with the judges obviously. haha, no not really, but seriously, they were good.
i was waay proud.

this band came on, eva i think they were called, and in a 7 minute span, they slayed two of my favourite songs.


charlie’s very appropriate response to them.

ok, muy tired. goodnight.


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