do you know you’re unlike any other

March 15, 2009 at 2:57 pm (Uncategorized)

i want a pot bellied pig. of course right now, me living in malaysia means that it will never happen, but one day, somehow, i will get a pot bellied pig.
and his name will be franklin porkypus.
and i will train him to sit, and roll over because pot bellied pigs are incredibly smart.
be jealous that i have a vision.

i have spent the day hanging my head in shame over man u’s defeat to stomachpuddle (props to you if you got that. word attributed to charlie), doing massive amounts of research for lit and watching oldschool cartoons.
we’re talking little lulu, the addams family and tom and jerry.
watching those cartoons brought back memories of me sprawled on the cool marble floor after school, in the big (occasionally scary) bungalow.
i haven’t been back in nearly a year.

also, i decided that martin johnson from boys like girls could practically be my best friend. it’s a long story but he too wants a pot bellied pig and calls himself a wombat and other coolio stuff like that. but then charlie told me he spits water into the crowd during performances, and i sadly realised that i would never look at him the same way again.

i know i’m like a million years behind everyone, but i finally checked out
i nearly died laughing.

this morning, i walked out of church at 8 in the morning, with nasi lemak on mind.
no, this does not make me a bad catholic. it makes me a hungry one.
anyways, we decided to try this famous nasi lemak. it involved a 20 minute queue, but it was waaay worth it.
best nasi lemak hands down. though, i would have preferred a spicier sambal. i’ve learnt however that my definition of spicy is so far apart from everyone else’s, that i’m not really a credible critic. for all i know, everyone else thinks its spicy.

going to watch more addams family now.



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