dancing in my wooden shoes

March 16, 2009 at 3:12 pm (Uncategorized)

i loathe self-proclaimed fashionistas.
let’s get one thing straight sweetheart, you toting a lv bag while dressed top to toe in prada does not make you fashion savvy. it makes you a brand whore.
and you have the audacity to look injured when i smirk at you after you very seriously say ” i’m totally trend savvy.”
yeah, totally. good job.

finally settled on lit question. she’s happy, i’m happy. progress is being made!
now i have tons of research to go through and highlight, which is fine by me, because i love highlighting, and then, i’ll have to transform all of that into something vaguely intelligent that marks me as a true thespian.

i’ll get started as soon as i’m done with this strawberry donut.

i’ve been mildly productive today.  studied unit 1 bio, and played tetris, though in an attempt to exert my will power, i only allowed myself half an hour of tetris.
i deserve a medal for that, and maybe a knighting.
tetris is so bloody addictive, though i quite prefer quadropop.

half a donut left to go.

one tree hill is back. i’m just waiting on the torrent, and because tv is really unbearably boring these days, i’m downloading old episodes of the office. the american one, not the british one, sorry jit and afifah. i don’t know where to find it and i’m lazy.

quarter of a donut left to go.

my mother told me off for not being more involved in college life, so to avoid sitting through an hour long rant, i told her that i joined the un club.
which means now, i really do have to go join the un club.
i’m so pumped. ok, no, i’m not. but how bad can it be? i mean, hannah’s there, and iqa and dixon. i will survive.
either ways, two hours of un a week is preferrable to my irritated mother.

ok, donut gone.



1 Comment

  1. fifa said,

    the american one is the one with steve carrell right?!?!?!? IT BETTER BE. THAT IS THE ONE I WANT U TO WATCH!! WELL DONE!!! YAYYY! 😀

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