March 18, 2009 at 11:02 am (Uncategorized)

1) List 20 things that you want to say people, but never will
2) Don’t say who they are
3) Never discuss it again

1. sometimes, i wish you’d just text me to ask if i’m ok, because it’d be nice to 
     know you care.

2. you are my brother from another mother, with the minor exception of 
     you being a girl, but sister does not rhyme as well. 

3. i miss miss miss you.

4. i’m sorry i didn’t fight harder for our friendship. we had a lot of good
     memories, and i know, though i’ve denied it all this while, i’m partly to

5. i judged you, and i was wrong. i’m glad i got to know the real you.

6. you tease me about how i don’t care. the truth is, i don’t.

7. i value your judgement above everyone else’s. the rest of the world can
     say good job, but it means more coming from you.

8. i think you try too hard. i wish you wouldn’t. i like you just the way you

9. you come across as vindictive. i don’t trust you. you aggravate me.

10. your expectations of me are ridiculous. i owe you nothing.

11. i miss my morning conversations with you.

12. you need to learn to breathe. life’s too short to barrel through. do
       something crazy, and for god’s sake, stop sweating the small things.

13. you saying hi, even when you didn’t have to, made me smile.

14. i think we’d be great friends. it just isn’t our time.

15. i don’t trust you. i never will.

16. you make me feel like my problems are petty.

17. i never liked you. i was just being diplomatic.

18. thank you.

19. you’re welcome.

20. i miss you.


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