March 19, 2009 at 1:40 pm (Uncategorized)

today has been an unusually good day, not that my life is a series of bad days, but today was, well, unusually good.
it started with a mcdonalds breakfast and then fungus coloured slurpee  along with an apple floavoured lollipop. the slurpee was apple flavoured too, we think. no telling for sure though.
i paid attention in math! and understood what she was talking about! and got question number 2 right!
is anyone else excited?
lunch break was hilarious because i was talking with charlie and rachael, when i noticed out of the corner of my eye that someone from across the area was staring at me and then, i realised that the ‘creep’ was leconte, who was glaring at me because i was not acknowledging his existence. hello leconte. i hope you read this. your new hairstlye is soooo much better. we should meet up soon, and you should plan it you slacker.
lit was pretty awesome. i wish i had more time with that poem, because i really had a lot to say, but i think i did ok. you never know with poetry though. that was an internal rhyme. go me.
in bio, we cultured bacteria which sounds more exciting than it actually is. i think the only reason it was fun was because boys are not smart and harassing my lecturer about his life/love life is very entertaining.
we have to go back tomorrow to take pictures of our bacteria. be excited.
came home, watched one tree hill and rewatched how i met your mother. seriously, everyone should do themselves a favour and watch the above shows.
i should go be productive now math. or lit. or bio. or not.



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