wrote it in a letter that i sent to you

March 22, 2009 at 2:57 pm (Uncategorized)

i have been so domesticated today, i could be martha stewart, minus you know, the cooking talent.
i did copious amounts of laundry, got my car washed, scrubbed my room, scrubbed my dog so vigorously with his brush that he sulked for an hour and wouldn’t come near me.
i feel very accomplished.
you know how some people when they’re on this huge ‘i’m going to be accomplished’ vibe, and they just keep on being accomplished throughout the day. yeah, that’s not me.
after my 3 hours of complete domesticity, i settled down in front of youtube with granola bars and alternated between dexter’s laboratory and the addam’s family.
then i watched an episode of merlin and decided i want an irish man, because really, how can you go wrong with them?
exactly, you can’t.
was talking to henry earlier, who apparently is very into cooking. he shook his head quite sorrowfully when i informed him that no, i cannot cook, and yes, i have been banned from the kitchen many times. he then offered to give me cooking lessons, and this offer was made in front of my mother, so of course i had to say yes.
we start next week, with a bullseye egg.
james laughed at me when i said i usually just microwave the eggs =(


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