i’m only happy when it’s complicated

March 24, 2009 at 1:36 am (Uncategorized)

2 straight days of being accomplished should be acknowledged, i feel. so, this is me acknowledging my dedication to being hardworking.
i did math at midnight. math at midnight. i feel awesome.
yesterday, while i was busy explaining exactly why iago from ‘othello’ is dishonourable (this is not very hard. he actually is quite scumbaggy), henry came over with a bag full of chupa chups. 100 lollipops. he is currrently my favouritest person ever. of course, he also wanted me to give him a summary of ‘the picture of dorian gray’, but seriously, 100 lollipops to explain one of my favourite books – who’s complaining?
i particularly like the apple flavoured one now. watermelon’s way too sweet. it felt like instant diabetes the moment i put it in my mouth.

ok, so this happened a while back, but it’s so damn funny that i have to share.
jit was giving charlie and i a lift to yonder, where my car was parked. so we all get into his car, and as we’re buckling in, jit pauses suddenly, claiming to have heard a voice. taking this as my cue to make a smart/funny remark regarding his sanity, i laughed and then suddenly glanced at my phone. i had accidentally called the a-levels department and the person on the other line was repeatedly shouting hello, rather loudly.
it was such a facepalm moment. i felt quite the idiot.


1 Comment

  1. fifa said,

    that was hilarious 😀 i say it like i was there.

    but then again i can imagine. cos your bag talks to you now, doesn’t it.

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