April 4, 2009 at 1:09 am (Uncategorized)

tomateseveryone say ‘hola tomates.’

had a midnight adventure with au and toh, with one of us, not the girls, having to use the girls bathroom.
it was very funny.



  1. aly said,

    AAAHHH!!! i want to meet mr.tomates!! sooo cuteee!
    wait.. is it a male or female hedgehog? lolol.
    by the way, i propose we buy a skirt for our new “girl” friend 😉

  2. insomniahenceinsanity said,

    it’s a he, and i know! he’s the cutest thing ever.
    i think a denim mini would suit ‘her’ well no?

  3. aly said,

    denim. not bad. not bad at all.
    i was thinking of more see through, sexy kind though.
    but then again, we’ll end up seeing “grey”.
    ok. its giving me the creeps.

  4. Leconte said,

    what the? u have a pet pokey? ouch

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