April 6, 2009 at 4:50 pm (Uncategorized)

i always associate haircuts with change.
thats why today, when lit ended early, cherylwithahaircut went home. usually, cheryl would follow friends to midvalley and waste her life, but cherylwithahaircut is very opposed to procrastination.
cherylwithahaircut came home, emailed 3 people, edited articles, bathed her dog, did literature and did math.
cherylwithahaircut is waaay more productive than cherylsanshaircut.

i’m now going to stop with the third person referencing. it is very annoying.

it’s been a good day. i’m at peace with my hair, i have done a lot of work, i am not tired. yet.
i am attempting to battle my caffeine addiction with green tea. not the lipton kind, which is awesome, but pure japanese green tea. it tastes like sour water, or what i imagine sour water would taste like.
i’d like to think though, that with every sip i’m taking, my antioxidant count rockets.
this makes me happy. i like antioxidants. df

here’s to believing.


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  1. Gin said,

    green tea ia awsome doh >=@

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