April 8, 2009 at 2:45 pm (Uncategorized)

she told me, “you know there’s this one scene where peyton tells haley ‘you make everything better’? that reminds  me of you. you make everything better.”

breakfast at 7.30 with au in mcdonalds. it was soooooo early, but my intense love for au and mcdonalds breakfast minimized my complaining. did you know they now give up 2 free banana pies with a mcvalue meal? because we didn’t. we were very confused.
we ended up saving 2 pies for toh, writing intelligent and inspiring on the boxes, and on a tissue.
also, we wrote him a message and left it on his windscreen. we’re such amazing friends. he’s so lucky.
he texted me a while ago saying ‘ a gang called the awesome left a message on my car. so lame.’
=( unappreciative idiot. i don’t know why we’re so good to him.

came home and took a three hour nap. tomates gave me a very judging look when i yawned while playing with him.

i think i’m addicted to celebrity based reality shows. it started with a shot at love with tila tequila, which i thought was brilliantly hilarious. i watched a couple of episodes of paris hilton’s bff the other day, and today i watched kimora lee simmon’s life in the fab lane.
god, this shows are amusing.
and really – what’s a girl to do with one tree hill and how i met your mother on (yet another) break?
i shall save all the intelligent shows i.e. grey’s, gossip girl and house for the holidays, when i can vegetate in front of my pc for 5 days straight.

am now watching duplex. drew berrymore is tres irritating here.


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