April 9, 2009 at 1:41 am (Uncategorized)

the what a girl wants movie soundtrack is the perfect pick me up on thursdays.
it’s just so..happy, and energy boosting. maybe because it has so many positive connotations. when i listen to this cd, i think new york, and super mario, greek food at 3 in the morning, rockefellar centre, central park, rolling in the grass in strawberry hills, camping for hours at end in barnes and nobles.
i miss new york.

the dream.

ever once in a while, when i can’t sleep, which of course is quite frequent seeing as how i have insomnia, i google  my dream, just to remind myself about everything i want.
i have this picture, on my notice board, because i never want to forget the ultimate goal.
a small part of me is afraid to dream, because it seems so ridiculously far fetched. another part of me, the more stubborn prevalent one, believes i can do it.
i can i can i can.
or at least, i’m going to try my best, my bestest, as a friend once said.

what a girl wants has given me hope. or faith. i’m all motivated right now.


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