April 13, 2009 at 1:54 pm (Uncategorized)

i just realised i did not blog about easter.
easter was celebrated after midnight mass with greasy mamak food on my balcony, chocolate, and henry donning my eye makeup.
lunch was with the padre’s side, a first. we had the most protein-laden lunch ever – german sausages, breakfast sausages, pork ribs. my cholestrol skyrocketed i swear.

today, i was for all out skipping college because i had an appointment with macees, which meant i had to skip lit, and i really didn’t want to go in for just bio.
waste of life.
so, i joined the afs roadshow at du, where we talked about..our exchange year.
why are kids so crazy over japan? i don’t understand. everyone kept asking me about the japanese program, even though i kept stressing the FREE six month trip to the us. why?
then we jaunted off to mid valley for brownies at delicious. while there, we saw this awesome shim dressed in a green bandeau top and miniskirt.
left for macees, registered for my sat’s blah blah blah.
came home, and had this weird disjointed nap and woke up freezing because it was raining, and the air conditioning was on.

now must go be academically motivated. yay studying.


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