April 17, 2009 at 3:36 pm (Uncategorized)

i was watching austin powers in goldmember, and oh my lord, how can anyone even like it? i was so irritated, i switched to janice dickinson’s modelling agency.

6 hour session with one of the top fives.
i relish your company, because i can be completely and totally honest. bitchy, even.
it doesn’t matter where we are; mcdonalds, my extremely warm living room, mamak, i always enjoy our conversations.
i am overthinking today, one of the few times i let myself do this. you might be leaving in 5 months, and i am not excited. who else am i going to unload on? i want to be completely unselfish and say ‘go. go because you know it’s what’s best for you. ‘ but really, i want to say, ‘stay. because you understand me better than most, and it’s too much effort to forge that sort of relationship with anyone else.’
that’s not to say you’re not absolutely ridiculous sometimes =)
‘kids are idiots.’
‘i know. when yours are idiots, i’m going to say how they’re exactly like they’re mum.’
we’re going to greece, langkawi and genting first, but ultimately, greece.
and boys are idiots.
and no more coke. ever.

toma is back in my room. his love of the plastic maggie mee cup in which he insists on hiding in most of the time, is ridiculous.
hedgehog’s are weird.

it’s been a fun week, fun i think because i spent a lot of time chairing debates and not attending classes. all in the name of sasa. its times like these, when i can honestly say yay sasa.

must go watch himym now. and hopefully cleanse my mind of austinwhatsitcalled.


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