April 21, 2009 at 7:42 pm (Uncategorized)

its 3 in the morning, and i just woke up about half an hour ago.
tuesdays wear me out, and at the risk of being extremely whiny, tuesdays and the fact that i have the worst cold in the history of the universe left me very tired and grumpy.
oh my god, i’m so tired of my nose. i wish i could chop it off. or just…detach it.
seriously, i’m amazed with all the nose blowing i’ve done, that i haven’t popped a blood vessel. or my ear drum. all very real fears.
i’ve taken to walking around college with a box of kleenex in my bag. a box. not a packet, a box.

when talking to both dexter and jason yesterday about getting  another tat, they both suggested i get dragons across the length of my arms so that i can be eligible for the yakuza. because you know, a portuguese indian wouldn’t be out of place in the yakuza at all.


picture proof of my sasa dedication.


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