April 22, 2009 at 10:34 am (Uncategorized)

dear you,

i miss you.  its been 2 weeks since i walked away, you know, the day you didn’t stop me? but it’s ok, we’re ok, and i know that. and i know that you know that. but i miss you now. as in, right now. i haven’t missed you as much before, because i wasn’t quite sure about you anymore. i didn’t know where you stood, or how i felt, and because of that, i chose to stay away. as lame as this might sound, it wasn’t you, it was me.
but i figured it out now. you have changed, and so have i, and i guess my mistake was expecting everything to stay the same. but things do not stay the same. who you were to me in high school is different compared to who you are to me now. my expectations are different. less, i think. i don’t need you quite as much, and that sounds bad, but it’s not. i’ve grown up some, met other people, realised that there are different kinds of friendships, and we both need to acknowledge that.
you will always be a priority in my life, but i can never give you the tag i once did. it’s not fair, not to me and definitely not to you. i’m doing away with pedestals, and expectations.
and maybe i sound a trifle bitter, but i am not. growing up is sometimes a hard lesson, that’s all. you take care now. i’ll probably give you a call in a day or two. or maybe i’ll just text you now. whatever. you’ll hear from me.



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