April 22, 2009 at 3:38 pm (Uncategorized)

when i got the 9.30 a.m. text saying my 12 p.m. law class was cancelled, 12 p.m. law class being one of my two classes of the day, fmylife flashed in my brain.
i was very tempted to leave, except i knew if i left for home, i would not return. i’d probably wallow in bed, watch one tree hill, wallow some more. so, that option was out.
then, pia (out of severe like for me, i want to think) invited me to follow her and najwa for yellow cab pizza.
i thought it’d be awkward, because even though pia and i talk alllll the time, we’ve never actually hung out. it was pretty cool though. we headed to one u after lunch because the girl who denies being trippy wanted to buy a trippy hippie skirt.

came back to college in time for chocolate and cake. i love how our lives seem to practicaly revolve around food. no, seriously it’s the answer to everything.
long day = need food
short day = must snack
depressing poem in lit = happy food
cheryl’s got the mother of all colds = chocolate themed food

actually, i think i might cut back on the chocolate. i’m getting so sick, it’s not funny.

smoker’s den in wisma sells snapple! SNAPPLE! freaking cold storage does not sell snapple. i am in awe.

today, charlie’s mum gave me a ride back to main block, and we had the funniest conversation.

charlie’s mum: so how much sleep do you get?
me: two to three hours. but once a week, or every two weeks, i crash.
charlie’s mum: you should pass it to amanda.
me: but people with insomnia die sooner.
charlie’s mum: she sleeps too much.
me: well, she’ll live a long, healthy life.
charlie’s mum: like a sloth.

aiyo, very funny. i laughed all the way back to my car.


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