April 28, 2009 at 2:37 pm (Uncategorized)

shit, i’m tired. my legs are all jelly-like from the treadmill and the bicycle.
yay healthy lifestyle.

i realised today, that both my parents are compulsive cooks.
this is why there is a large container of chee yoke in the fridge. and shepherds pie. and chicken curry.
they have one child. one. me. who rarely eats at home. and now we have enough food to feed all the denizens of singapore.

i’ve been doing math all day, and so i rewarded myself by watching grey’s. i ended up being so emotionally spent, i went to bed. 
‘no fair. no fair, no fair, no fair.’  – girl with cancer.
no, it’s not fair. it never is.

and then of course, you texted me. after he texted me. sidenote: i am getting better at texting on the new phone.

‘are you not tired of being the go to girl?’
‘him. you. his go to girl. you’re content?’
‘a little while ago, i stopped loving him like that.’
‘so, it doesn’t bother you?’
‘no. does it bother you?’
and then you’re gone. and i’m irritated. because i am doing math and planning a camp, and sorting out a newsletter, and revising bio, and rereading pride and prejudice, and i really don’t need cryptic messages from you adding to my confusion.

i swear, the only male i even remotely like right now, is my dog.

before i go watch how i met your mother, i must stress how i find it strange that i can play tetris for 4 hours straight, but i can’t pay enough attention to get instant noodles done.

i am going to die when i go away to university.


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  1. Gin said,

    i miss u =(

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