April 29, 2009 at 3:07 pm (Uncategorized)

… while we flatter ourselves that things remain the same, they are changing under our very eyes from year to year, from day to day.
– charlotte perkins gilman.

‘so, what happened?’, she asked. or maybe i asked. i don’t know. it doesn’t matter anyways. we’re both thinking the same thing.
things change so fast sometimes, and for no apparent reason, and you try your best to hold on, slow things down, make sense out of everything, but you can’t.
some things just don’t make sense.
some friendships don’t pan out.
some things just can’t be saved.
but, is that really any reason not to try?
except it’s strange, because we’re trying, we really are, and you’re not. it’s like you don’t even care. and that’s what scares me the most. your apathy.


cimg2872something is up with my face in this picture. it’s my eyes i think. i look hungover. and extremely tired. the latter is actually true.

camped out at college doing math. this is going to be my life all the way till june 11th, so yes, i forsee myself repeating that sentence a lot.
lunched with alyssa in subway.
one and a half months till we next meet again =(

drove the madre all the way to hartamas for some dinner thing and had to hang around waiting for her.
i spent my time, wait for it wait for it, DOING MATH. in a random cafe.

cimg2875creamy beef bacon pasta. honestly, it wasn’t the yummiest. not creamy enough. the beef bacon part was good, but then again, it’s pretty impossible to mess it up.

cimg2878the dessert though, chocolate hazelnut mousse, was sublime. no, seriously, it was the shit.
it’s chocolate mousse with a hazelnut biscuit layer in the middle. the owner advised me to take a bite, and then wait two minutes, and take another bite to taste the change in texture. the first bite, it was hard, like ice cream. the second bite around, the mousse had settled into this kind of firm creamy base. ok, i cannot describe it. but, it was very good. trust.


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