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why we were happy all day:

Picture 097

Picture 099
Picture 094

Picture 095
we stood in line for this. and made all sorts of outrageous plans. and came up with a variety of expectations.
i personally, cannot wait!

we ate healthy, but i played devil’s advocate, so that didn’t quite work out after all.

we discussed things i can only discuss with her. we came to conclusions we know to be true. i set a time frame. i’m praying you don’t let me down.
but in a way, what she said was true.
i’m already expecting you to let me down. it’s easier than expecting the opposite.
i haven’t told anyone else how i feel about this, but i told her. saying it out loud made it more real for me.
‘maybe you should tell him.’
‘the thing is, once it’s out there, i can’t take it back. and that scares me.’
eventually though, i will have to talk to you. i’m just trying to figure out exactly how to say what i want to.

‘which road are you taking back to pj?’
‘the road that says to pj.’
‘don’t be a bitch!’
– 15 minute conversation that went nowhere, and was a complete waste of our lives. funnily enough, this happens everytime.

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you said, ‘just trust me to figure this out.’
and i had to bite my tongue to stop myself from saying, ‘why can’t you just trust me?’

i think of you whenever i see this. i think of all that potential you have bottled up inside of you. i wonder why you hide it.
sometimes, i think it’s because you’re afraid.
sometimes, i think it’s because you can’t see it.
most of the time though, i’m convinced it’s because there are too many people out there telling you you’re not worth it.
and you listen to them, and you believe them, and you live up, or rather, down to that reputation.

but it’s not true. i know it’s not true.

i believe in you. i really do. and one day, i hope you’ll believe too.

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May 25, 2009 at 4:51 pm (Uncategorized)

need sleep, but must blog first, otherwise will toss and turn, and feel a pang of guilt.
actually, no, this is not true. because that would mean i have issues. i just like blogging.
i dropped toma off at charlie’s today, where we did math for the longest time. in fact, i was so determined that nothing would deter me from math, that i wore the most homely clothes i had, so that we couldn’t leave the house for lunch. my rationale was that if i looked like shit, i could not leave the house.
it worked =)
charlie has amusing siblings. like when we were eating nachos, and her brother walked up to us to ask if we wanted salsa.

alex: do you guys want salsa?
us: yes, thanks.
alex: what?!
us: yes!
alex: oh man. now i have to actually get you some. i thought you’d say no.

there were many other incidents, but my brain is tired, and charlie should not be persecuted for her relations.
we had yummy hot chocolate, and just as i was about to leave, charlie found this math puzzle, and i stayed on for basically half an hour trying to solve the damn thing.
this is what doing math for the whole day does to you; messes with your better judegement.

came home, and then left for the curve with dad to watch an early preview of terminator salvation with the padre. something to do with dominos and charity.

we ate at this shop, i don’t know what it’s called, but it was a cross between a restaurant and a sci-fi shop. the meatballs were good and they had this thing – rosti. it’s like finely fried potatoes. good.

terminator salvation was not bad. i thought i’d hate it, but i didn’t. the level of technology displayed kinda wowed me. it didn’t hurt that christian bale, who while not a sex god so to speak, is still plenty fine, was the main man. and the other guy, man who played marcus. yeah, he was ok. i thought that kyle reeves was plenty cute.

clearly, i am into this movie purely for the plotline and special effects. not the men. definitely not the men.

ran into many of dad’s dominos people, all of whom basically said ‘my, how you’ve grown.’
they last saw me when i was, like, 9. that’s a lapse of ten years. of course i’ve grown!

what else what else – lots of things made me happy today. i think being able to wear my gladiators topped the list. i love my gladiators, but there are very few outfits i can wear it with, and so, whenever i do, i feel many kinds of happy.
oh, and being able to navigate my way out of the curve all the way back home made me happy. yes, i’m a noob. go jump off a building.

must go have a cup of milo fuze now. and read harry potter. will post pictures of terminator freebies when i’m not tired.

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May 24, 2009 at 2:38 pm (Uncategorized)

[10:33:55 PM] cheryl d’souza says: YOU DID
[10:33:58 PM] cheryl d’souza says: points finger
[10:34:04 PM] cheryl d’souza says: ED TU CHARLIE
[10:34:12 PM] Amanda Shiew says: who’s ed?
[10:34:28 PM] cheryl d’souza says: its this line
[10:34:37 PM] cheryl d’souza says: that julius ceaser said to brutus
[10:34:37 PM] Amanda Shiew says: it’s et tu
[10:34:42 PM] cheryl d’souza says: OH
[10:34:43 PM] Amanda Shiew says: i was making a joke
[10:34:44 PM] cheryl d’souza says: ah
[10:34:45 PM] Amanda Shiew says: haha
[10:34:46 PM] cheryl d’souza says: well
[10:34:51 PM] cheryl d’souza says: that explains a lot
[10:34:54 PM] Amanda Shiew says: HAHA
[10:34:59 PM] cheryl d’souza says: shuttup
[10:35:09 PM] cheryl d’souza says: i did that ON PURPOSE
[10:35:16 PM] Amanda Shiew says: okay
[10:35:27 PM] cheryl d’souza says: so is it et or ed?

all our convos go this way, which may be why someone so rudely remarked to my best friend that charlie and i are, i quote ‘crazy’.
we are intelligent.
we got a hedgehog just because.
we are awesome.

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May 24, 2009 at 5:19 am (Uncategorized)

hate midvalley.

i despise how i know where nothing is there and how i bloody need a map to figure out where i’m going.
ok, exaggeration. i found my way just fine, after a very helpful man intervened and set me on the right course.
i should probably just stop whining, and go spend a day there or something so that i’ll know where everything is instead of cringing whenever someone says ‘oh, hey. lets go to mv.’
i’ll put that on my to do list.

the meeting went fine, even though everyone was late. have some minor changes to do, but that apart, i think we’re almost done. someone needs to translate our proposal into bahasa. not me.
walked around with lawrence before going home, making a pit stop at pets wonderland. oooh, i love pet shops. i love slowly making rounds, eying all the animals. i always start with the fish because they’re my least favourite and eventually make my way to the puppies, because the puppies are muy adorable.
yesterday, they had praire dogs, which i hear are the next big things since sugar gliders. one of the workers were playing with a praire dog, and everyone awwed as it chased after his shoe and his glove, until all the puppies started barking in an attempt to remind everyone who the real stars are.
pet shops are awesome.

i spent the wee hours of the morning watching midsomer murders.
it is very addictive. or i’m just easily captivated.

ok, must go math. bye.

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May 22, 2009 at 1:26 am (Uncategorized)

i’ve been a bit quiet havn’t i?
it’s not because nothing’s happening; i’ve just been a little…sad these past few days. do you ever get tired of being? and you’d give anything to get a ticket out of here to…god, i don’t know, anywhere? only, it would have to be a return ticket of course. because i’d want to come back. i always want to come back.
anyways, i am all better now. sometimes, alienation is good for the soul.

lit paper is over! and maybe it’s still too early to celebrate, seeing as how i’ve got 4 more papers coming up, 2 math and 2 bio, but still.
we got this really cool poem for unseen, ‘to an athlete dying young’. i liked it a lot, and when you compare it to the dickens prose they gave us, i was very grateful.
lit was doable. i had so much to write though, only finished when they announced we had to stop writing. and my thoughts were very all over the place, but at least they were there.

we went to watch angels & demons afters, and i liked it a whole lot. it differed a little from the book, but for some reason, i wasn’t resentful about it. usually. i bitch a lot if a movie isn’t exactly like the book, but here, it wasn’t such a bad thing. angels & demons is defo better than the davinci code though. the book too. i can barely remember anything about the davinci code, it was that interesting. back to angels & demons, all of us are huge fans of the cool, blonde detective. that smoker one who was kinda funny. afifah was so excited by him, that she waved at him. waved. like, she put her arm up and waved at the 2 d character. dixon almost died laughing next to me. and then the final scene where they’re preparing the pope, she leans over to me
afifah:  do you know him?
me: the pope? no. you know he’s not our actual pope right?
and then she proceeded to tell me how much she hated me while i laughed a bajillion calories off at her.

oh, and kris allen won. YAY. nevermind that i actually slept through the final result (i youtubed it instead. youtube is the shizz), but i’m glad for kris. like i  told my mum, adam’s a star already. he doesn’t need to win. kris however, probably does need the contract, and maybe the rest of the world saw that. not that he isn’t talented. heartless is on replay now. so good.

one tree hill and how i met your mother this week was so inspiring/heartwarming.
i watched both of them at one go, and sort of walked around with this cheery unaffected air for the rest of the day.
i’m more confused than ever now though; if peyton’s ok and lucas is ok, and sawyer scott is present, how the heck are they gonna get rid of them? car crash that kills the whole family? explosion that blows them all up? godzilla stops by, devours them, and walks away? HOW?

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May 19, 2009 at 2:54 pm (Uncategorized)

i was happy today. no, really, i was. i bought new shoes, which  i never do because i hate shoes, and i bet you didn’t know that, but that’s ok, because today was a good day, and i have awesome shoes, and even though i have a lit exam tomorrow, i’m feeling ok, but then you; you had to pop out of nowhere – i don’t hear from you in weeks- and you don’t even have the gall to pretend to care, but you do have the cheek to ask for a favour. and now, now, my good day which involved buying awesome shoes is ruined, and i am beyond pissed off.

only you could ruin the who.

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May 17, 2009 at 11:03 pm (Uncategorized)

its 6.30 a.m. now, and i’m so awake it’s ridiculous.

mum took part in a 15 km marathon at lake gardens yesterday, and i of course, tagged along.

Picture 026lake gardens is very pretty.

Picture 033man who ran in sarong, making him my official hero.

Picture 032i was studying bio for a good half an hour, but then the clouds got too distracting, and the weather was so nice. i ended up going for a walk and i found:
Picture 051DUCKS!
i love ducks. love love love. they’re such happy animals. and so friendly.
Picture 054this duck quacked at me the entire time. not in a mad go away kinda way though, more a pleasant oh hello what are you doing here way.
yes, i speak duck. shut up.

Picture 068mum placed, and she didn’t even know! it was soo funny. top 5 in each category gets a prize, and when she finished (took her 1 hour and 21 minutes to run 15 km btw), she almost walked off without taking her winner’s tag.
she was so excited when she figured out she placed.
Picture 063my mummy is amazing. walking back with her to the car was so surreal. people kept stopping her to congratulate her and ooh and aah over her timing.
i carried her goodie bag.

oh, and i almost forgot, but i got this in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and due recognition must be given.
Picture 021
Picture 003hand made card, all the way from texas, courtesy of hannah moser.
i love snail mail. especially unexpected snail mail.

ok, study.

updates will be sparse, because well, the plan is to ace the exams and not have retakes. and blogging, unfortunately, does not make me any better at math or bio.

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May 14, 2009 at 9:00 am (Uncategorized)

‘i believe in true love. i believe in love at first sight. i believe that love conquers all. And it doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be hard days, or difficult things to deal with, because there will be. but finding that person who does it for you and knowing that that person loves you back, just makes everything so much easier.’ – haley james scott

and that’s when my kleenex box grew a whole lot lighter.

it sounds mildly psychotic to say this, but i cannot imagine my life without one tree hill. i’ve been watching it since i was 14, and 5 years later, it still remains the one show that i cannot, will not, must not, miss.

i hear chad michael murray and hilarie burton’s leaving, and this upsets me terribly. what is one tree hill without lucas and peyton? it’s like..peanut butter and jelly minus the jelly. like iced milo without the milo. LIKE DECAF COFFEE. it’s so pointless, and you can’t help but wonder…why would anyone even go there? i read that they’re bringing in two new characters, and i am not happy about this, but i’m keeping faith with one tree hill.

also, i cannot help but wonder, WHY does nick lachey keep appearing? i get this strange taste in my mouth everytime i see his face pop up; i think they call it disgust. it’s not like i have anything against him personally, but, why is he there
though i must admit, the latest episode, the one where julian goes ‘is it hot in here? yeah, it’s like crazy hot in here. it must be like what, 98 degrees?’ only to be punched by nick, totally justifies his existence. i nearly died laughing. and then i watched that part again. and nearly died laughing again.

spent my day in the pj library, which was freezing and deserted, and therefore the ideal place to revise binomial distribution and literature.

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