May 3, 2009 at 2:04 pm (Uncategorized)

attended a wedding over the weekend; it was quite the merry event, as weddings are wont to be.
the bride’s dress was beautiful. very classic and flowy, not fussy.
dinner was at the palace of the gloden horses, henceforth to be referred to as pgh.
pgh is quite the classy hotel.

i would blog about the food, except it wasn’t the best. my favourite dish was:
cimg2913butter prawns. they were so yum. this was the only dish where the adults at the table (read: everyone over 30) just sat back and let the younger ones attack. and attack we did. with relish. we were actually quite barbaric about it now that i think back.
cimg2916this isn’t the best picture of the dessert, but it was good. chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce. it’s very hard to go wrong with something that classically good.

cimg2922i like the horse concept muchly.

on a whole, the dinner was good. good company. beyond good music. i was so impressed with the versatile selection, so different from the standard celine dion my heart will go on. not that there’s anything wrong with good ol’ celine, but you know, there are other songs out there.
joanna and i spent the entire time randomly coming up with wedding mixtapes potential.

today, woke up super late, went for the monfort carnival.
it wasn’t really that great this year. the ice kacang was good, but i’m not sure if that’s because it was actually good, or because the weather was so hot, anything cold tasted like heaven.

i laughed when i saw this. because you were on mind, because it’s so true.
so maybe, instead of being angry, i should be grateful, thankful. appreciative.


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