May 4, 2009 at 10:33 am (Uncategorized)

this started out as just another rant on pia’s blog, but it’s quickly become a tag. one that i am quite excited about doing.

 cheryl’s top 5 list of superhot dudes that she wished went to her college, because it’d make going to college so much more freaking fun:


adam brody.

because he was one of the few reasons the o.c. was bearable. because he named a boat after the girl he loved. because he had a toy horse named captain oats. (i very much approve of having stuffed toys and giving them names and such)


jay brannan

jay isn’t hot, but he is extremely adorable, and mucho talented. seriously, have you heard cant have it all? it’s brilliant!


jensen ackles

yes, i am aware that dean winchester’s brilliant lines in supernatural are not his own. i don’t care. jensen ackles looks hot delivering it, and i am fully capable of convincing myself that he is exactly like his character.


shia labeouf

so maybe for a while, he became kinda douche-y. and yeah, he got hit with a dui. but you know what, he learned his lesson and his left hand is messed up for life, which is a constant reminder of his fuckery and i’m sure he’s in no hurry to repeat it. he was extremely boy next door in transformers, and i like to believe he still retains some of that charm.


kurt cobain

this is the only other man, apart from jesus, who i believe can totally rock the long hair cooped with facial hair look.  this is the man who said, “i’d rather be hated for who i am, than loved for who i am not.” he is also the man who said, “wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” this man, this deep man, is like my idol.

ok, now, lets move on to the ladies.

cheryl’s top 5 list of supercool girls:


ellen page

i’m with pia on this. she was very cool in juno, “silencio old man!” it was very hard not to love her.


ket dennings.

she doesn’t photograph well, but she was brilliant as norah, and she really just looks like the kind of chill person i could sit around for hours with, watching simpsons or listening to nirvana.


missy higgins

missy’s music blows my mind. and to write music that good, you have to be amazing. you just have to. you cannot possibly be a shrivelled up pea. you cannot.


sophia bush

she is beautiful, i think. also, i love her character brooke. brooke’s so human, and so humane. she’s so relatable to, unlike say, peyton and haley, whom i really think have pseudo perfect lives, almost.


carol ann duffy

so, ok, she’s not the walking definition of beautiful, but she is incredibly talented. her poems are brilliant, ‘valentine’ remains my favourite poem of all time. i would just like to sit down with her, have a cup of coffee, talk about people and things like that. she’d be a blast.


heee…math mocks tomorrow, and this is what i choose to do.



  1. Sarah Ong said,

    WAH! What happen to your Chad Michael Murray??

  2. fifa said,

    i would so look forward to school everyday if these guys were in help.

  3. hannahble said,

    i was wondering why jensen ackles is numero tres!

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