May 6, 2009 at 4:32 pm (Uncategorized)

i have significantly less petrol in my car, but it’s been worth the day i had.

drove to dina’s house to pick her and judith from germany up.
dina is an epic failure at directions. she told me to take a right at the first traffic light, but what she really meant was, take a right at the second traffic light.
krisy kremes was an impromptu decision.
dina asked if i knew how to get to kl, and i was like, yes, if we take the ldp. then she said, ‘oh no. we can take the help way.’ of course what she meant was, we can take the help way, except none of us knew how to use that road.
we ended up in bangsar twice, once in some memorium place where i had to make an illegal u, right ahead of a car full of cops. i gave them my best apologetic-i’m-an-idiot-teenager face.
finally, i got us there. 5 years of stella taught me that much.


drove back completely satiated, only to make homemade pizza

cimg2949it was yummy.

hanging out with dina does nothing for my healthy lifestyle attempt, because dina alone eats enough to feed a third world country. and she persuades everyone else to do the same.

came home and had hilarious convo with charlie via tele. at one point, she started whispering, so i did too.
“you know you don’t have to whisper right?”
“oh, yeah. haha.”


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