May 7, 2009 at 11:14 am (Uncategorized)

my entire house smells like coffee right now. i like. i think someone, one of those guys down at ambi pur maybe, should create coffee based scents.

i realised today, that my life is a series of facepalm incidents.

today, we had no lit, hence two hour break, and this semester, we have no two hour breaks between classes at all. which if you ask me, kinda sucks. two hour breaks were where we kicked it old school and played board games, or just sat down and ate and ate and ate for 12o minutes straight. this sem, we have 15 minute lunches, though, i do like not having to come in at 8.
i thought today was tuesday for some reason. and so, i waited with the econs people for my bio class to start. and none of my fellow bioians were there. at 2.15, even my lecturer wasn’t there. this is not normal. my lecturer, he’s like the paragon of punctuality. he’s always on time, he never cancels class, he keeps us in until the very last milisecond.
so i prattle out loud about how odd it is that no one’s there, when fah looks at me confused, saying “don’t you have lab today?”
a lot of swearing and huffing later, i burst in on class, half an hour late.
luckily, bio’s cool. and everyone thinks i’m crazy anyway.

while in class, i was explaining my tuesday absence. see, i have this lingering cough and a mild fever that won’t go away. it’s not swine flu, or whatsitcalled now? – h1n1; it’s just a bad cough that won’t die. and it’s highly irritating. and so, i want it gone. plus, people give me dirty looks everytime i start coughing, like i’m gonna infect everyone within a five feet radius of me with a disease i do not have.
people are stupid.

mr. low: so did you leave the house with a mask on?
me: nope. sunglasses.

thats right; glamour over sanitation.

korean food for dins. i’m excited.


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