six cups of yum

May 8, 2009 at 11:33 am (Uncategorized)

good day, probably the best i’m going to have for the next month and a half.

i had to chase follow toma around for this shot. he was very irritated and agitated.

last day of college for the sem today. it’s odd knowing that next sem, there will be no more breakfast/lunch sessions with the top two because, well, they won’t be there. i feel very…insecure almost. i liked that all 3 of us went to the same college. and it’s not like we spent all our time together; this term i saw each of them like twice a week, but still, it was nice knowing they were there.

bought snapple. snapple makes everything better. i am very easily pleased i realise.

went back to charlie’s, where i mooched around untile she brought me to awesome lunch.
Kopi Bar

photo credits to charlie. this place was awestome. i was craving good nasi lemak, and they totally didn’t disappoint. sure, the light green rice was kinda weird looking, but it tasted good.

and to add to our overall effect of eccentricity, we had a pot of iced rose tea with mixed fruit juice.
it was heavenly.

went back to her crib, and did the one thing people always assume i cannot do: BAKE.
i suppose this is partly my fault. my burnt maggi mee story is infamous, and also, i lack the attention span necessary for any form of cusine preperation.

today, however, charlie and i emulated julia child for the win. apple crumble has never tasted better.
CIMG2966i look extremely dopey here, but i need proof that charlie did not bake all by herself.


apart from the fact that it would have taken half the amount of time it did if we had known that the ladle was not necessary, everything went smoothly.

CIMG2977pre baking

CIMG2979post baking. i went a little crazy with the cinnamon.

it was sooooo good. and sure i might be biased, but charlie’s grandmother had two helpings. and told us it was good. i really don’t think she was being charitable.

heeee, am very excited. chocolate cake planned next. we are going to be phenomenal, just you wait and see.


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