May 10, 2009 at 2:46 pm (Uncategorized)

today was extra festive, because i had last year’s absence to make up for. mi madre is extreme happy, and that’s all that matters today.

one year too late, but i’m glad we finally did this. lunch was at pick and brews. the staff totally knows me by now. i’m practically a permanent fixture there.

CIMG2984the one where they did not have chocolate chip cookie dough, so we had to settle for second best.

CIMG2985the one where we camped out at nando’s and had to keep pretending we were going to order so as not to be asked to leave.
we made a smooth getaway when the waiter turned his back.
we’re such criminals; everyone be wary.
walked around 1 utama for a while, and then headed home. to nap.
i am soooo productive.

exams in two weeks, exams in two weeks, exams in two weeks.

oh, and as a sweet end to the night:

Manchester United 2 Manchester City 0


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