May 12, 2009 at 3:17 pm (Uncategorized)

i am feeling the teensiest bit guilty because i haven’t studied at all today. at all. ok, sure, i peeked at my bio notes, but then i decided that i would come back to it in 2 hours. which i did not.
so right now, i’m making myself feel better by, no, not studying, but shopping online. and blog hopping.
thumbs up, cheryl. you are a hero.
on the plus side, i spoke to best friend. we had our usual nonsense mixed with random intelligent comments type conversation. i have missed this. we’ve been so caught up with our respective lives recently, we’ve barely had time to mock each other.
and that’s bad. because we have always found time to mock each other.
le sigh, a-levels, you are killing me. softly. with your song.
i apologise, i just couldn’t resist tacking on that part.

here’s an unbelievably adorable picture of toma. think of it as an apology for my lameness. though of course, bear in mind that i’m not really sorry.
i never am.
did you know, that frozen twiggies are yummy?
you are welcome world.


i just had a 20minute convo with afifah centering around chcolate and ice cream.
and now, all i can think of is cadbury crunchie and ben&jerry’s chunky monkey. i could just walk over to the mamak and get myself a blackforrest cornetto (nothing but) but meeh, that involves more movement than i’m willing to make.
oh, you know what ice cream’s really good? – the one from the place hannah took me to somewhere in mc. i know i am being wonderfully specific, but i really can’t recall much about this ice cream store apart from the fact that it served kick ass cookies and cream ice cream, and that their servings were impressive.

i want.


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