May 13, 2009 at 10:47 am (Uncategorized)

woke up at the crack of dawn today, all in the name of afs.
i’m project manager for the alumni camp we’re having, and i’m hell bent on getting the best venue possible; as well as you know, organizing the most amazing camp.
we met today with the project development manager as well as the asst. director of sales of jerejak resort and spa. they were both incredibly engaging, and very candid. also, they gave us a pretty damn good deal, which is by  the way, still negotiable.
i really appreciated their work ethic, and also, the fact that they took us seriously even though we were not members of the working force. i think professionalism is best defined by not how you treat your equals, but in general, how you treat everyone.
am not waxing poetry about these two people. i’m just appreciative of them.

afters, we went for mexican food at nachos nachos. i became a huge fan of mexican cuisine back in the states, where every weekend almost, my host family would drive over to las pajedillas, and i would order beyond good fajitas. fajitas along with tobasco sauce, jalapenos, and a virgin margarita. twas awesome. and the head guy there, jesus (pronounced hey-sus), knew everyone, and what everyone liked, and always took orders without a notepad. he never once forgot anyone’s order in my 6 months there, which amazed me no end.

so, nachos nachos. i struggled a bit with deciding what to order because i was thinking, ‘i really want quesadillas, but i bet the nachos are awesome. i mean, the nachos must be the best thing here, otherwise why call it nachos nachos? that’s blatant advertisement, right? if the fajitas were the best thing, wouldn’t they call it fajitas fajitas? wouldn’t they?!!!’

i ordered chicken quesadillas and a non-alcoholic strawberry margarita.
Picture 004
Picture 006
the margarita was good, despite its virginess, and the quesadillas were yum.
this is why i can never be a food critic.
because yum is basically the only word i ever use to describe food i like.

Picture 010
Picture 011

dina’s mango margarita and combo fajitas. honestly, the margarita tasted like diluted mango juice with lots of ice. the beef of the combo fajitas was very good though; flavourful and not tough.

overall, i quite like nachos nachos. next time, i will try the nachos, and then i will get back to whether or not the name of the place is in actuality a secret hint that the best damn thing there is indeed, the nachos.

came home, and made a million calls. my phone bill this month is going to be mad. all in the name of afs.


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