May 14, 2009 at 9:00 am (Uncategorized)

‘i believe in true love. i believe in love at first sight. i believe that love conquers all. And it doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be hard days, or difficult things to deal with, because there will be. but finding that person who does it for you and knowing that that person loves you back, just makes everything so much easier.’ – haley james scott

and that’s when my kleenex box grew a whole lot lighter.

it sounds mildly psychotic to say this, but i cannot imagine my life without one tree hill. i’ve been watching it since i was 14, and 5 years later, it still remains the one show that i cannot, will not, must not, miss.

i hear chad michael murray and hilarie burton’s leaving, and this upsets me terribly. what is one tree hill without lucas and peyton? it’s like..peanut butter and jelly minus the jelly. like iced milo without the milo. LIKE DECAF COFFEE. it’s so pointless, and you can’t help but wonder…why would anyone even go there? i read that they’re bringing in two new characters, and i am not happy about this, but i’m keeping faith with one tree hill.

also, i cannot help but wonder, WHY does nick lachey keep appearing? i get this strange taste in my mouth everytime i see his face pop up; i think they call it disgust. it’s not like i have anything against him personally, but, why is he there
though i must admit, the latest episode, the one where julian goes ‘is it hot in here? yeah, it’s like crazy hot in here. it must be like what, 98 degrees?’ only to be punched by nick, totally justifies his existence. i nearly died laughing. and then i watched that part again. and nearly died laughing again.

spent my day in the pj library, which was freezing and deserted, and therefore the ideal place to revise binomial distribution and literature.


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