May 17, 2009 at 11:03 pm (Uncategorized)

its 6.30 a.m. now, and i’m so awake it’s ridiculous.

mum took part in a 15 km marathon at lake gardens yesterday, and i of course, tagged along.

Picture 026lake gardens is very pretty.

Picture 033man who ran in sarong, making him my official hero.

Picture 032i was studying bio for a good half an hour, but then the clouds got too distracting, and the weather was so nice. i ended up going for a walk and i found:
Picture 051DUCKS!
i love ducks. love love love. they’re such happy animals. and so friendly.
Picture 054this duck quacked at me the entire time. not in a mad go away kinda way though, more a pleasant oh hello what are you doing here way.
yes, i speak duck. shut up.

Picture 068mum placed, and she didn’t even know! it was soo funny. top 5 in each category gets a prize, and when she finished (took her 1 hour and 21 minutes to run 15 km btw), she almost walked off without taking her winner’s tag.
she was so excited when she figured out she placed.
Picture 063my mummy is amazing. walking back with her to the car was so surreal. people kept stopping her to congratulate her and ooh and aah over her timing.
i carried her goodie bag.

oh, and i almost forgot, but i got this in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and due recognition must be given.
Picture 021
Picture 003hand made card, all the way from texas, courtesy of hannah moser.
i love snail mail. especially unexpected snail mail.

ok, study.

updates will be sparse, because well, the plan is to ace the exams and not have retakes. and blogging, unfortunately, does not make me any better at math or bio.


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  1. Gin said,

    say no to duck meat!! its them white ones they chop and eat!rarw

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