May 22, 2009 at 1:26 am (Uncategorized)

i’ve been a bit quiet havn’t i?
it’s not because nothing’s happening; i’ve just been a little…sad these past few days. do you ever get tired of being? and you’d give anything to get a ticket out of here to…god, i don’t know, anywhere? only, it would have to be a return ticket of course. because i’d want to come back. i always want to come back.
anyways, i am all better now. sometimes, alienation is good for the soul.

lit paper is over! and maybe it’s still too early to celebrate, seeing as how i’ve got 4 more papers coming up, 2 math and 2 bio, but still.
we got this really cool poem for unseen, ‘to an athlete dying young’. i liked it a lot, and when you compare it to the dickens prose they gave us, i was very grateful.
lit was doable. i had so much to write though, only finished when they announced we had to stop writing. and my thoughts were very all over the place, but at least they were there.

we went to watch angels & demons afters, and i liked it a whole lot. it differed a little from the book, but for some reason, i wasn’t resentful about it. usually. i bitch a lot if a movie isn’t exactly like the book, but here, it wasn’t such a bad thing. angels & demons is defo better than the davinci code though. the book too. i can barely remember anything about the davinci code, it was that interesting. back to angels & demons, all of us are huge fans of the cool, blonde detective. that smoker one who was kinda funny. afifah was so excited by him, that she waved at him. waved. like, she put her arm up and waved at the 2 d character. dixon almost died laughing next to me. and then the final scene where they’re preparing the pope, she leans over to me
afifah:  do you know him?
me: the pope? no. you know he’s not our actual pope right?
and then she proceeded to tell me how much she hated me while i laughed a bajillion calories off at her.

oh, and kris allen won. YAY. nevermind that i actually slept through the final result (i youtubed it instead. youtube is the shizz), but i’m glad for kris. like i  told my mum, adam’s a star already. he doesn’t need to win. kris however, probably does need the contract, and maybe the rest of the world saw that. not that he isn’t talented. heartless is on replay now. so good.

one tree hill and how i met your mother this week was so inspiring/heartwarming.
i watched both of them at one go, and sort of walked around with this cheery unaffected air for the rest of the day.
i’m more confused than ever now though; if peyton’s ok and lucas is ok, and sawyer scott is present, how the heck are they gonna get rid of them? car crash that kills the whole family? explosion that blows them all up? godzilla stops by, devours them, and walks away? HOW?



  1. fifa said,

    except for the waving part… it was done unconsciously.

  2. insomniahenceinsanity said,

    haha. we should go for that malaysian movie. the one with the hot guy. and you can make me laugh somemore

  3. Charlie said,


    I actually don’t have any relevant input, but was feeling left out. So I HAD to say something.
    Something said.


  4. insomniahenceinsanity said,

    that’s ok charlie. we appreciate your contribution to this convo. keep it up!

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