May 24, 2009 at 5:19 am (Uncategorized)

hate midvalley.

i despise how i know where nothing is there and how i bloody need a map to figure out where i’m going.
ok, exaggeration. i found my way just fine, after a very helpful man intervened and set me on the right course.
i should probably just stop whining, and go spend a day there or something so that i’ll know where everything is instead of cringing whenever someone says ‘oh, hey. lets go to mv.’
i’ll put that on my to do list.

the meeting went fine, even though everyone was late. have some minor changes to do, but that apart, i think we’re almost done. someone needs to translate our proposal into bahasa. not me.
walked around with lawrence before going home, making a pit stop at pets wonderland. oooh, i love pet shops. i love slowly making rounds, eying all the animals. i always start with the fish because they’re my least favourite and eventually make my way to the puppies, because the puppies are muy adorable.
yesterday, they had praire dogs, which i hear are the next big things since sugar gliders. one of the workers were playing with a praire dog, and everyone awwed as it chased after his shoe and his glove, until all the puppies started barking in an attempt to remind everyone who the real stars are.
pet shops are awesome.

i spent the wee hours of the morning watching midsomer murders.
it is very addictive. or i’m just easily captivated.

ok, must go math. bye.


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