May 25, 2009 at 4:51 pm (Uncategorized)

need sleep, but must blog first, otherwise will toss and turn, and feel a pang of guilt.
actually, no, this is not true. because that would mean i have issues. i just like blogging.
i dropped toma off at charlie’s today, where we did math for the longest time. in fact, i was so determined that nothing would deter me from math, that i wore the most homely clothes i had, so that we couldn’t leave the house for lunch. my rationale was that if i looked like shit, i could not leave the house.
it worked =)
charlie has amusing siblings. like when we were eating nachos, and her brother walked up to us to ask if we wanted salsa.

alex: do you guys want salsa?
us: yes, thanks.
alex: what?!
us: yes!
alex: oh man. now i have to actually get you some. i thought you’d say no.

there were many other incidents, but my brain is tired, and charlie should not be persecuted for her relations.
we had yummy hot chocolate, and just as i was about to leave, charlie found this math puzzle, and i stayed on for basically half an hour trying to solve the damn thing.
this is what doing math for the whole day does to you; messes with your better judegement.

came home, and then left for the curve with dad to watch an early preview of terminator salvation with the padre. something to do with dominos and charity.

we ate at this shop, i don’t know what it’s called, but it was a cross between a restaurant and a sci-fi shop. the meatballs were good and they had this thing – rosti. it’s like finely fried potatoes. good.

terminator salvation was not bad. i thought i’d hate it, but i didn’t. the level of technology displayed kinda wowed me. it didn’t hurt that christian bale, who while not a sex god so to speak, is still plenty fine, was the main man. and the other guy, man who played marcus. yeah, he was ok. i thought that kyle reeves was plenty cute.

clearly, i am into this movie purely for the plotline and special effects. not the men. definitely not the men.

ran into many of dad’s dominos people, all of whom basically said ‘my, how you’ve grown.’
they last saw me when i was, like, 9. that’s a lapse of ten years. of course i’ve grown!

what else what else – lots of things made me happy today. i think being able to wear my gladiators topped the list. i love my gladiators, but there are very few outfits i can wear it with, and so, whenever i do, i feel many kinds of happy.
oh, and being able to navigate my way out of the curve all the way back home made me happy. yes, i’m a noob. go jump off a building.

must go have a cup of milo fuze now. and read harry potter. will post pictures of terminator freebies when i’m not tired.


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