the standard chartered marathon

June 29, 2009 at 3:29 pm (coversations, holidays, new buy, volunteer)

it’s been a pretty rough couple of days, and i really don’t have anything else to say about that. huh. that wasn’t the plan.

oh well.

last couple of days have been insane. the standard chartered marathon was held this past weekend, and i was a volunteer on both saturday and sunday, ten hours consecutively each day.
my body’s still kinda achy from all that work, but i had so much fun.
will have to beg/blackmail for pictures, so until then, written narrative is the best i can do.

saturday, i was assigned along with others to distribute the runner’s race packs, which was fun because it meant direct contact with people, and i happen to like people. most people. not the woman who snapped at me because she ordered the wrong size and switching shirts weren’t allowed. however, there were cool people, like this one singaporean guy who offered to buy me a drink on account of the hot weather (afifah, i like singaporeans now.)
a 70 year old man signed up for the 10 km race and told me how marathons were his thing. like how some people dig ice cream – he digs marathons.
he’s 70 and he could probably kick my ass in the 10 km category.
for shaaaaaaaaaammmmeeeeee, cheryl. for shame.
conversations during volunteering:
‘eh, leng chai!’
‘WHERE??’ – two overly excited girls, one being me.

‘comprar, comprar.’ – spanish man, pointing to my bright blue volunteer tshirt.
‘no, no comprar.’ me, being fluent. not.

‘i like your tattoo.’
‘can i take a picture of it? or would that be too creepy?’
‘…eh, go for it.’ – me, caught somewhere between flattery and unease.

‘i think that guy’s taking our picture.’

sunday, we had to be at dataran at 3 a.m. yes. i didn’t even bother going to sleep because, 3 a.m. is my sleeping time.
i somehow got assigned to the start/finish line, which was awesome, because it was the sweetest spot and i could see everything.
also, the other volunteers were the best. for some reason, people kept coming up to have their picture taken with us, not that i’m complaining. and they kept offering to buy my volunteer tshirt because, well, actually, that part’s still a mystery to me.
i saw the king! and his entourage of bodyguards, all of whom made a dismal attempt to look like civillians. fail. in a field of 100 people, i still probably could totally pick them out as bodyguards. something about the lack of smiling. is it against bodyguard code to smile?
anyways, i know there were a lot of complaints regarding the race – all of which i’m not going to comment on.
what i am going to say though, is that the volunteers gave it their all. we had to deal with furious people, who, because they had no one else to yell at, yelled at us. that wasn’t the norm mind you. most people were great, still smiling after running 42km (insane. i wouldn’t even move. i’d just lie there and wait for a forklift to come get me)

all in all, it was a pretty great experience. met good people, had fun.

today, i spent rm10 on two packets of mnm’s and a cheapo rubiks cube. must learn to solve before college resumes, for bragging rights if nothing else.

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June 28, 2009 at 1:48 pm (Uncategorized)

i’m just…so full of hurt right now.

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bubbly bubble day

June 25, 2009 at 3:11 pm (food, holidays, new buy)

nicest day today.
finally fulfilled my life long dream of riding the plastic animals in 1 utama. the men in charge didn’t look all that fazed when we asked if we could ride the animals, so i’m guessing they do occasionally get such requests from people who are not 3 feet tall.
the ride was so much fun, no lie.

plastic animals 2

plastic animals
it wasn’t even remotely embarassing, though to be fair, today is a thursday, so the population of people in 1 utama is minimum. but still. everyone should go out and do this at least once in your lifetime. and that is my public service message for the day.

afters, we browsed around the toy shop and had lots of fun playing with various toys. we also became members, though i cannot for the life of me remember what this entails. all i know is, the card was purple, pretty and free. so we signed up. actually, i think you have to spend like rm80 to activate the card (which will not happen) and you can use it in thailand, singapore, hong kong and china (all countries which i will not be visiting anytime soon)

we bought soap bubbles.

after chowing down burger king, where i tried the hershey’s pie (goood! very, very good! we headed back to charlie’s place for a two person bubble party. jazz, her dog wasn’t too jazzed about having bubbles blown at her. she went and hid in a corner far away =(

bubbles 2
bubbles 1

so much fun. in case you’re wondering why my face features predominantly in this post even thought charlie was around, 1) it is my blog and 2) charlie loathes the camera. she will actually make extra effort to not have her picture taken.
strange, i know.

came home and anxiously waited for the SAT results to be released. i swear, my heart almost stopped beating when i got a text saying ‘SAT results out!’
i am muy muy happy with my results =)

celebrated by having another bubble party with my dog, which was amusing, because he chased all the bubbles and tried to eat them.

good day – and i still have 2 and 1/2 bottles of soap bubbles left. must think of good ways to use them up.

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state of play

June 24, 2009 at 2:08 am (food, holidays, movies)

was not a bad movie.
it wasn’t awesome either, not something i would make everyone watch. but it wasn’t a waste of money. watch it…if you really want to see a movie and none of your friends want to watch drag me to hell.

i still don’t like ben affleck. this goes all the way back to pearl harbour, where he lived and danny died, and i was so angry. so, so angry.

spent yesterday morning in college, discussing the production. and then lunch at nando’s. just realised that i haven’t eaten in nando’s since form 5 i think, where i balcklisted it for the incredibly bad service from the outlet near petaling street. i’d forgotten how yummy their sauce is.

anyways, loads of good movies are out/coming out, just as the new sem is about to start, of course. i must see public enemies, drag me to hell, transformers, harry potter and the half blood prince, 500 summers, alice in wonderland (i know it comes out next year, but i’m already excited. johnny depp johnny depp johnny depp!)

ok, need to go to paws now.

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mnm’s is the answer to all of life’s problems

June 22, 2009 at 10:25 am (food, holidays, music, theatre)

long, long post, because i’ve been busy trying to complete the list. before exams ended, 3 weeks sounded like a lot of time to live life. fast forward one week, and i realise that it’s really not.  

friday night
dinner with alyssa at the apartment. food was good, but the lack of lighting confused us. and when i say lack of lighting, i mean that there were no lights where we were seated. it was so dim, that when they gave us the comment card, i stuck it right in front of my face, at an angle, just to figure out what was written on it.
we wrote ‘where are the lights?’ on the comment card, just in case they thought we were squinting for fun, and therefore missed the point that more lights were needed.
adjourned to laundry for drinks and the usual catch up, and polaroid photos.

on our ay back to the car, we were wayliad by the manager of the apartment, who gave us his number and told us to call him the next time we were there to get a discount.
his name was barney. hello barney!
made a midnight stop at seven eleven for a sharpie to decorate the ploaroid shots. have now decided to carry the sharpie with me everywhere to draw on unsuspecting people, and in case random chances of vandalisme presents itself.

saturday afternoon
caught the play ‘rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead’ at kl pac, featuring jityangtung. jit was one of the lead’s and was extremo funny. yes, i’m flaunting my talented acquaintances in everyones face.
we took pictures, but they were polaroids, and no, i still have not learned how to operate my scanner.
also, jit got teased by his entire cast because well, he was surrounded by 4 girls. which if you ask me, isn’t really tease-worthy. more like envy-worthy.
father’s day dinner at las carritas. the appetizers we ordered, poppers i think they were called, which was basically fired jalapenos were brilliant. also, i quite enjoyed my chimichanga, though i had to add liberal amounts of habanero tobasco before it satiated my need for spiciness.

volunteer briefing for the standard chartered marathon. will be on duty saturday and sunday.

spent half the morning at help sorting out the a-voice. then back to charlie’s for chocolate, and guitar lessons. also, learned about lemmings the game. go look it up for some mindless but completely addictive fun.
Cheryl GuitarMnMs 3

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where’s mr b?

June 18, 2009 at 2:05 pm (afs, coversations, hedgehog)

nothing remotely exciting has happened today, but i’m in a very bloggy mood. so, i thought i’d share some of the hilarious stories the exchange students told me the other day. i swear, exchange students have the best stories.

maarten, from belgium, was telling me how for thaipusam, mr and mrs b took all the exchange students to batu caves. the group was made up of like 6 boys, 6 easily excitable boys, who upon arrival at batu caves, proceeded to get lost. 3 hours later, mr b finally managed to find all of them, and there was this general feeling or relief in the air…until he realised he’d lost his wife in the process. so, for the next hour, him and the exchange students looked for her, and found her somewhere looking at something pretty. they made her wear a spongebob balloon tied to her wrist for the rest of the trip so they wouldn’t lose her.
i find the mental image of this respectable woman parading around batu caves with a balloon, a spongebob balloon, too funny. i broke a rib laughing at this, and now it’s a established joke.
‘where’s mr b?’
‘looking for his wife maybe.’ *cue innocent grin*

and then there was my car convo with bourdoain from france.
‘i have a pet hedgehog!’
‘…why? they’re so useless. i’m always stepping on them in my garden, and then i get angry and throw them away.’
‘WHAT? but they’re cute!’
‘i saw one really cute one once, and then i noticed it was covered in some red stuff. it was blood. the hedgehog was eating a snake. i was like wtf, not cute anymore.’
‘…but toma’s different!’
‘sure. of course.’

rubbishy french boy who has garden hedgehogs.

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lazy lazy lazy

June 18, 2009 at 2:53 am (photography)

the first day this week that i haven’t gotten up early for afs – i’ll go tomorrow.
instead, i’m searching for new bands, reading ohnotheydidnt, watching csi miami, and laughing at web comics.
it feels so good to be lazy.

Picture 081

 sunrise in ss7. why does that not sound romantic?


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meet yoko

June 17, 2009 at 10:08 am (afs, new buy, photography)

this is my 100th post, so i feel like i should say/do something significant…like post the very first picture i took with yoko, my polaroid camera. unfortunately, i don’t know how to use my scanner, and shame on you anyways if you expected differently.
however, here is a picture of yoko itself:

heeeee, i like, i like. i have this unnatural love of polaroid cameras. i think this started way back when i was 8 and we went on the circus and this man, who was doused in glitter took my picture on an elephant with a polaroid camera.
i do love my digital cam, but yoko is reassuringly bulky and ginourmous, and so much fun. i’ve been running around randomly snapping shots, mostly of monty, not toma, because toma is incredibly grouchy.

last day of kl interviews, and it was the best. everyone got really involved, and that made everything so much better. also i learned that everyone is obsessed with japan.


selangor interviews need help, but seksyen 6 in shah alam is so bloody far away, and i can’t find a map there.
even the shah alam domino’s people don’t know where seksyen 6 is. that’s how obscure the place is.

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hungry hedgehog

June 15, 2009 at 2:45 pm (afs, hedgehog, holidays, music)

when i left my house at 6.45 this morning, tomates was munching on his crackers, which is fine. i mean, hedgehog’s gotta eat, ya know? i came home at 6.15 in the evening to find him…munching on the last cracker. the last cracker in a bowl i filled up last night. he devoured an entire bowl of hedgehog food in roughly 24 hours. i don’t know if that’s healthy. maybe hedgehogs are like goldfish in the sense that they lack memory power, and therefore as long as there is food, there exists the compulsion to stuff it down their throat.
or maybe he’s just greedy.

today at afs interviews, dina, qistina and i were talking about placebo, the band.
‘i saw placebo in chicago!’
‘no, really? i like them.’
‘waaaaaaaait. isn’t placebo a body part?’
‘i think you’re thinking placenta.’
this is what conversation with dina is like 99% of the time.

interviews/interviewees were alright. nothing too exciting happened. best part of the day was when we got to talk about the us experience. i think i speak for all returnees when i say, there’s nothing like sharing your exchange experience with another exchange student. maybe it’s because, only when you’re an exchange student can you really understand the whole thing, the incessant need to share random memories, the appreciation of other people’s adventures. i do talk about my exchange with other friends, but i’m always sort of watching my words, because i don’t want to be the girl that’s rubbing it in your face that she had a six month adventure.
with exchange students, i can talk freely. i like that feeling.

afters, left to go to bangsar, where i parked and kurt drove us to midvalley. i like kurt. he made us each a sandwhich. we brought him krispy kremes in exchange though.

the white tie affair is almost completely downloaded. i’m so addicted to their music at the moment.

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first day of freedom

June 12, 2009 at 3:12 am (being organized, books, holidays, music)

this morning, for the first time in a while, my alarm did not wake me up at 7 a.m.
i did not have to drag myself out of bed, only to have a day full of studying to look forward to.
i did not only get three hours of sleep as usual because i was making nice with trigo.
instead, i slept at 3, because i was completely absorbed in drowned wednesday by garth nix. i woke up at 8, and happily went back to sleep, only to wake up an hour later because my system doesn’t seem to comprehend the concept of sleeping in.
i’ve watched amazing race, csi, and right now, i’m watching the nba finals.

anyways, i have compiled a to-do list, to be completed before july 7th, which is when go back to usual rigours of college life. this list is to prevent me from becoming a complete slug.

to-do list:

1) reading! finish christopher paolini’s brisingr(which i’ve been putting off for  months), hawthorne’s the scarlet letter, dumas’s the three musketeers, stoker’s dracula, andersen’s the complete fairy tales, nix’s sir thursday, larkin’s whitsun weddings and hosseini’s the kite runner

2) complete a 1000 piece puzzle (w/ charlie)

3) bake (w/charlie)

4) learn how to play guitar. or at least, how to make acceptable, non – earbleeding inducing sounds. but first, charlie must tune my guitar

5) new series’! i’m thinking big bang theory, numb3rs, and leverage

6) volunteer at paws/spca/zoo 

7) go on a gnome hunt (w/charlie)

8) sleepover with alyssa!

9) afs interviews/ afs alumni camp

10) maybe get a job. maybe

11) genting/langkawi holiday

12) lunch/dinner with people i have shamelessly neglected

13) new music new music new music

14) picnic. themed picnic. I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN

15) review next term’s work. seriously. i’d really rather not be overwhelmed

16) spend one whole day in midvalley, so that i will finally know where everything is, and therefore not have to resort to calling people, whining about how i’m lost

17) pimp my pool skills. try to not suck so much at bowling

i’m sure there are things that i have forgotten, but i will add them to the list as i see fit.
must go find some sort of breakfast at this hour. there is no food in my house. meeh.

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